Running and gunning in Favela in MW2

Since David posted a video a while back I might as well post this one here.

This game is from January 18th, shot on a Flip Mino on a tripod as I sat slightly to the side. I was wearing headphones so no sound except my occasional grunts and curses. I edited out the bit at the end where I stood up too quickly and knocked over the tripod. 🙂

Oh, and I can’t believe I missed that guy lying on the ground. I stunned him but thought someone else had finished off the job as he wasn’t moving.

0 thoughts on “Running and gunning in Favela in MW2

  1. I have a couple of observations on this:
    1 – I’m jealous of your flickerless footage
    2 – Your connection rate put you at a real disadvantage in face to face encounters
    3 – Claymores: always place facing the opposite direction of your travel
    4 – You give yourself the same unrepeatable ‘words of encouragement’ I use when I get killed

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. The Flip Mino is a really nice and simple HD camera, no zoom but it does the job. The original footage is actually much better but I reencoded it for uploading and looks like it suffered a lot. The original really isn’t that bad!

      I cringe when I see how I placed claymores then!

      Must figure out a way of splitting the audio from the headphones. In the old days I’d rip apart the headphone cables, cut the ends off some earphones and splice the cables together but I should just go for a 2 into 1 connector to make life simpler!

      And thank you for commenting. Must record another one of these!

  2. A two into one splitter is always easier, but there’s something satisfying about braiding together a load of other cables to create a Frankenstein masterpiece.

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