I’m not missing the point. In fact, if you look at my comments way, way above, I *was* fundamentally missing the point (of how Donncha’s changes worked, not your little protestations), and then realised my mistake.

The new functionality is not restricted to memcached. It will work with absolutely any system for which you provide an object caching adapter for WordPress, as Donncha’s code uses those APIs (cf. my realisation above).

If you do not have an object cache adapter for eAccelerator installed in addition to eAccelerator itself, then you won’t be seeing the impact of this new functionality.

Now, I’ll note that Donncha’s original reply was, “You’ll need an eaccelerator object cache too”. Sure, he didn’t exhaustively explain the background to that, but it was concise and correct — and he suggested you Google for it.

Do you have an object cache adapter for eAccelerator installed? Because between your rudeness, you still haven’t answered that. Again, check for wp-content/object-cache.php — but really, you’d already know if you had installed one.