WP Super Cache 0.8.4, the garbage collector

WP Super Cache version 0.8.4 is now available. WP Super Cache is a page caching plugin for WordPress that will significantly speed up your website.

This is a minor release but was prompted by White Shadow. He released a plugin that cleans up expired cache files on a periodic basis instead of after X number of hits. Great minds think alike, (or fools seldom differ) because I had the same idea a few weeks ago and had the code running on this blog for that time without any problems.

WP Super Cache 0.8.4

The garbage collection system should have operated this way in the first place, but at least now it’s easier to configure.

33 thoughts on “WP Super Cache 0.8.4, the garbage collector

  1. Thanks for the update Doncha, amazing plugin!.

    Although, there is still a small bug, for me at least.

    I can’t disable “No Adverts for Friends plugin is enabled. (requires friendsadverts.php too)”

    I guess it’s not a problem as I don’t have friendsadverts.php.


  2. I first used it and now removed cz it automatic create file and assigned right as user 99 to files/folder which then can’t be modified.
    I emailed my host, and they suggested me to avoid this. This is very unlucky me to not use this such great catch.

    Any idea then?

  3. I’ve been running super cache on my sites for a while now, and my server load was cut almost in half! Any update to possibly the most important, and most functional wp plugin is exciting! Thanks for stopping my server crashes!!!

  4. Gofree – that’s normal, the files are created by your webserver.

    Scott – once an hour should be fine.

    Matt – I’ll have to investigate that!

  5. Donncha, thanks a lot. It’s only minor, but somethings up. I have noticed it for the last few releases.


  6. Ok strange one. Since the update (and the host moved servers on me just about the same time, so it may be enter-related) I noticed that cache files aren’t listed as being made. The totals stay at zero… even though it says its on.

    Any clues on what to look for?

  7. Donncha,

    Everything seems to work fine, except it doesn’t seem like my expired posts/pages are being deleted even though I have it set to delete every hour. Am I forgetting something? Great plugin!

  8. Small suggestion… I know that the wp-cron api is not designed to do this easily, but at least for the daily option it might be nice to be able to set the exact time in which the garbage collection will run.

  9. To debug the garbage collector:
    1. Look in your logs, you should see the occasional wp-cron.php request.
    2. Open wp-cache-phase2.php and add an error_log() (look up the PHP manual) to wp_cache_gc_cron() so you can see that the cron really is being called.
    3. In the same file, add an error_log() after the wp_cache_writers_entry() check in wp_cache_phase2_clean_expired() which will tell you that the caching system isn’t locked.
    4. If all else fails, look at prune_super_cache() in the same file and error_log() the parameters and/or the unlink() statements.
    5. Check your error logs.

  10. I’m running on a Dreamhost Private Server. Not running safe mode.

    The major file change was that my root directory was changed from /home/username/.fileserver/ to just /home/username/

    I’ve been checking permissions…

    And trying to remember. Way back when I had to do a symlink. I wonder if it pointing wrong and its just stopped working with no warning. And what would be the correct?

  11. The symlink was the trick. Too bad there wasn’t a way to delete the symlink on deactivating (or disabling) and recreating when activating. I actually tried deactivating, deleting and reinstalling, but I had to do it manually.

    Then again, perhaps I had an unusual situation.

  12. Hi,
    Im having 2 weird problems that I cant quite figure out and was hoping that you could help.

    1) I have noticed since installing this great plugin that when it is completely on (vs. half on), firestats and wordpress statistics no longer is showing accurate statistics. Pageviews go down completely as well as visits. My guess is that this has something to do with firestats tracking the php files that are called vs. the html that is cached (Im obviously not an IT specialist 😉
    Is there any way to fix this so that firestats still works accurately

    2) Everyonce in a while, my site shows nothing but a page full of really odd characters. It happened today and a reader complained and unsubscribed. Whenever that happens (only started since installing this great plugin, if I clean out the cache, it goes away. Do you know what might be doing that?

    Thank you soo much in advance. I would be happy to donate to ya if you think you might know what is going on here. Thanks again,


  13. Mark – the first problem is because those plugins rely on php code being executed on every request. That doesn’t happen when html files are served. Those plugins will have to be rewritten so they use Javascript to load a counter image. I should update the readme.txt with that..

    I’m working on a fix for the second problem and about to check it in. I’ll post a link to updated files in a comment after this if you’d like to give them a go? The problem is that users are getting compressed wp-cache files, but for some reason the gzip headers are missing. I’m not sure why, but I think I’ve fixed the headers.

  14. Please please please help me, I installed wp supercache, got and error that said Cannot load wpsupercache, tried to remove the plug-in and now my blog will not show up and I can’t see plugins or anything. Please help me.

  15. Super Cache really speeds up the site, great plugin.

    I’m wondering whether there is a statistics plugin that works with Super Cache, so that I can see all visits, even visitors who look at cached pages? If I understand correctly, this is not the case with FireStats that I am using at the moment.

  16. I am having the same problem as Ricky “Cannot load wpsupercache” so I went into the wpconfig and there is not cache defined in there!

  17. Did you get any errors before the site went blank?
    And if there is no cache defined in the config I guess you could try adding it.
    Add the following line:
    “define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);” without the quotes.

    BTW: Great plugin! Helps me drastically reduce the load time.

  18. Please please please help me, I installed wp supercache, got and error that said Cannot load wpsupercache

  19. I enabled this plugin, but then my complete site went blank.

    Including my dashboard. How do I get my site back ?

    I went into the folder, via FTP, and deleted the super-cache plugin folder, but the site is still blank.

    What should I do?


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