Smart use eirComregs local lines from exchange to house, but they use their own national fibre network behind this. One of the problems with them expanding is that they need to install their own equipment into the exchanges and eirComreg are/were opposing this. This is why there is a limited amount of exchanges where Smart is available. Another way eirComreg made things difficult for Smart, and as an original Smart phone service customer I had to go through all the crap, was that in order to available of Smart Telecom when it became available, existing Smart customers had to change back to eirComreg for phone service in order to get an eirComreg account number before eirComreg would change the live over to the Smart equipment. So my telecom history in my current house has been eirComreg, Smart, eirComreg for 1 month, Smart.

With regard to Smart service being cancelled, it was only for users of phone only. Anybody with broadband was able to stay with them. They just stopped providing phone only services.

I’m delighted that you are happy with Chorus, and you are in fact the first person I have ever communicated with that is. All my friends who have dealt with them for TV and/or broadband have left with a vow never to return. So while I have never experienced them directly, I feel I don’t need to when a large number of friends have and have told me all the details. Why would I want to experience a bad service when a large number of friends advise me not to? If 10 trusted friends told me to avoid a particular restaurant as the food was awful and the premises filthy, I would not need to experience it just to see for myself. The same goes for me and Chorus ( and Cork Multichannel before that)! And their problems were more to do with the supply of service rather than customer service.