Sweet Galaxy bites Super Mario Galaxy

I love to play Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. The cartoon graphics, unusual planet based locations and gameplay make it really fun to play. It’s also relatively easy but I’m really stumped by Sweet Galaxy. Unlike every other galaxy in the game it’s a merciless obstacle course where Mario has to jump over gaping holes that move. Mistakes are cruelly punished and it is the most frustrating level I’ve played on any platform in a long time.

I even left the Wii switched on all day yesterday because I made it halfway through, but the final third of the level defeated me each time. Grrr.

Anyway, if like me you’re ready to give up on Super Mario Galaxy because of this level, here’s proof that it can be completed. I’ll try it again, once my left hand thumb recovers from twisting the nunchuk around.


In related gaming news. Boom Blox was fun for a while, but boy does it get boring quickly. Worse thing is, I paid the 20 Euro surcharge Irish shops charge for supporting local business. I could have bought it on play.com for 41 Euro, but Gamestop and Xtravision were both charging 59 Euro. Damn my need for instant gratification!

Back to Mario Kart Wii methinks.

11 thoughts on “Sweet Galaxy bites Super Mario Galaxy

  1. I spent two hours failing at it yesterday. Bit of a pain after being nice enough to feed the Luma 400 Starbits :/


  2. I spent so long at it I collected enough starbits to get another life several times!

    If I ever do finish this level I’m going to jump up and dance and stuff!

  3. “I even left the Wii switched on all day yesterday”

    A shocking abuse of electricity, and Ireland going through an energy crises and all! I’ll be telling John Gormly about this 🙂

  4. Andrea – the worst thing, I saw Tombraider in the shop and decided to buy Boom Blox instead!

    Gamma – Haha, that’s nothing. I left the heating on too, and we had to open all the windows when we arrived home. House was lovely and warm though.
    Unfortunately, the patio heater died after the 2nd bottle of gas, but the heated swimming pool was lovely to dive into after driving around the city in my SUV.. Air conditioning was left way too cold and the warm water was refreshing.

    Has anyone seen the price of fuel these days? Those oil companies are making a fortune out of us poor people!

  5. Hm, that level was actually rather easy for me. Regardless of it’s difficulty, you can’t admit it’s not one of the most fun levels in the game.

  6. I quite enjoyed that level at times, I kept trying to get all the Star Bits while doing it, but in the end I just forgot about them and did that level quite easily!

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