How to Insult the Mac Brigade

I’ve insulted the Mac Brigade. I am so sorry. I didn’t realise that putting stickers on an Apple Macbook was such a heinous crime. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?

Well, that’s how Bernie puts it anyway. Sort of. He posted a photo of my Macbook at BlogTalk and the response surprised me. Hahahaha. Thud! (Laughing my head off)

For those who missed the original shot, here’s one I took moments ago. There are stickers from Laughing Squid (and a button too), (Thanks Nikolay),, Hyku, that WordPress crowd who get everywhere, and 2 from Om Malik: FoundRead and NewTeeVee.
The other button says, “hard bloggin’ scientist” and I got that from Jan Schmidt last Tuesday at BlogTalk. Thanks!


Lovely isn’t it? Who’s on your laptop? Anyone got a Dell sticker to put on the Apple Logo? It’d shine through nicely!

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

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@des – at least you have a laptop 🙁

i can’t wait for the iphone to be released here __on__ O2. only so i can take the piss out of muppets buying them. what kind of a towel would buy a phone that has to be re-unlocked after every firmware update?

I can send you a Zune sticker, should be able to get my hands on other Windows Live ones if you want em

Donncha: Love the idea of using a Dell sticker on your Mac. I’m happy to send you will get in touch with me and give me your address.

Two different options:
1) DM me in Twitter – my Twitter name is lionel_menchaca
2) Submit a comment on Direct2Dell (@ – Of course, I won’t publish it if you include your mailing address.

If you let me know… I’ll be happy to send a Dell sticker out.


Lionel Menchaca
Chief Blogger, Direct2Dell


Unless you are following each other you can’t do a DM on twitter..

I wonder what other hardware companies would like to see their stickers on Apple MacBooks 🙂


The stickers are a damn good idea. I should get some for my Mac aluminium G4 PowerBook case which scratches so easily! However the old dear is going so well after three years that I won’t have a bad thing said about it.

I work for an AASP. And one of our products is to copy the users data to their newly bought first mac, from windows.

I once had to switch a windows user to mac, he brought in a grey Dell laptop with an Apple sticker plastered over the Dell logo on the lid… I think he wanted a mac for some time, badly.

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