How to Insult the Mac Brigade

I’ve insulted the Mac Brigade. I am so sorry. I didn’t realise that putting stickers on an Apple Macbook was such a heinous crime. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?

Well, that’s how Bernie puts it anyway. Sort of. He posted a photo of my Macbook at BlogTalk and the response surprised me. Hahahaha. Thud! (Laughing my head off)

For those who missed the original shot, here’s one I took moments ago. There are stickers from Laughing Squid (and a button too), (Thanks Nikolay),, Hyku, that WordPress crowd who get everywhere, and 2 from Om Malik: FoundRead and NewTeeVee.
The other button says, “hard bloggin’ scientist” and I got that from Jan Schmidt last Tuesday at BlogTalk. Thanks!


Lovely isn’t it? Who’s on your laptop? Anyone got a Dell sticker to put on the Apple Logo? It’d shine through nicely!

20 thoughts on “How to Insult the Mac Brigade

  1. @des – at least you have a laptop 🙁

    i can’t wait for the iphone to be released here __on__ O2. only so i can take the piss out of muppets buying them. what kind of a towel would buy a phone that has to be re-unlocked after every firmware update?

  2. I can’t WAIT to see what would happen if you put a Dell sticker on your Apple logo…

    PLEASE somebody send him one!!! 😀

  3. I can send you a Zune sticker, should be able to get my hands on other Windows Live ones if you want em

  4. Donncha: Love the idea of using a Dell sticker on your Mac. I’m happy to send you will get in touch with me and give me your address.

    Two different options:
    1) DM me in Twitter – my Twitter name is lionel_menchaca
    2) Submit a comment on Direct2Dell (@ – Of course, I won’t publish it if you include your mailing address.

    If you let me know… I’ll be happy to send a Dell sticker out.


    Lionel Menchaca
    Chief Blogger, Direct2Dell

  5. Lionel

    Unless you are following each other you can’t do a DM on twitter..

    I wonder what other hardware companies would like to see their stickers on Apple MacBooks 🙂


  6. I used to have stickers on my laptop… My wife didnt like them so she painted my laptop with lavender coloured paint!!! It was water based emulsion paint and now it looks really bad!

  7. The stickers are a damn good idea. I should get some for my Mac aluminium G4 PowerBook case which scratches so easily! However the old dear is going so well after three years that I won’t have a bad thing said about it.

  8. I work for an AASP. And one of our products is to copy the users data to their newly bought first mac, from windows.

    I once had to switch a windows user to mac, he brought in a grey Dell laptop with an Apple sticker plastered over the Dell logo on the lid… I think he wanted a mac for some time, badly.

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  10. Donncha: I apologize for messing up the first time around. You still want that Dell sticker?

    If so, dm me your mailing address in Twitter. I’m following you now.


    Lionel Menchaca

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