Dune vs Queen: Who Wants to Live Forever

The first time I heard this Dune cover of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” I thought, “Oh Wow! That’s good!”

Then, 30 seconds into the song I thought, “Wait a second. This is actually fairly boring. The voice that sounded nice at the start really sounds weak, there’s no feeling, it goes nowhere and the video is rubbish.”

Here’s the original song by Queen. Turn the volume up. It’ll send a shiver down your spine and you’ll realise how good Freddie’s voice was. Amazing stuff.

10 thoughts on “Dune vs Queen: Who Wants to Live Forever

  1. Three Queen songs I never want to see covered by anyone. Who Wants To Live Forever, Barcelona and The Show Must Go On. They’re perfect as they are, leave them the hell alone.

    If my life were a movie at least one of them would be on the soundtrack.

  2. Jeebus – even that one Eva Avila on Canadian Idol sang better than yer one from Dune; and that’s not saying much. Also, why is that girl smiling so much in what is so intrinsically a sad, heart-wrenching, song?
    I can only surmise she’s reading the lyrics phonetically…

  3. You’re right, it sent shivers down my spine. Always has, always will.

    Oh, and thank you by the way. I followed your instructions and turned it up. Just got a clout round the head from my wife for waking her up…

    Who the hell is Dune anyway?

  4. Dune is an awesome techno band from europe…. I loved their version of who wants to live forever… Queen’s is still better… but the dune was is very upbeat and I like it 😉 The chick from american idol RUINED the song… 😉

  5. I agree with the others. The Dune version is no good. They completely missed the point of the song.

  6. I’m with Chris
    I must say I liked the Dune version, it is hauntingly beautiful and has something a little different. I first heard it on a CD of Celtic songs, which is where it belongs.
    Queen’s original of this is fantastic too – its a heavy version, will have to try the loud version of both.
    I agree with the American Idol comment tho’.

  7. I’m slightly mad 🙂 . I am just listening to the Queen discography all day long and must say there’s no-one who can make cover versions or replace the original voices of The Queen.

    Even my dog likes Freddie’s voice.

  8. Queen the best band we ever had,but this perfomance version is not the best.The best Queen perfomance of Who wants to leave forever is live at Wembley `86.You should replace Wembly`s version to this website I think….and….

    ooooooooo yeah,when love must diiee……

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