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There is no vulnerability in WP Super Cache. Chris blogged about it after we spent a late night of debugging it until 1.30am. But if:

  • You are using Windows (props Computer Guru)
  • You are using a Red Hat or Cent OS system, or just having problems with compressed content (props Dennis)
  • You want to use the reject uri function
  • You want to try out the new automatic .htaccess rule generator
  • You want WordPress searches to work again

then you should head to the download page and try the development version of the plugin. Official release tomorrow probably.

I tell ya, I have learned more about Apache, content types, mod_rewrite, IIS and Red Hat vs Debian differences with this project than I ever could have considered healthy.

  • Joseph linked to How to Debug PHP with Vim and XDebug on Linux. I started reading but then I realised I had to compile Vim again! I’ll stick with my error_log(). Inertia is a bitch isn’t it?
  • Haha. Hugh responds to requests for a Facebook cartoon. (via Damien)
  • Google is abusing nofollow? Credit where credit is due. That’s just mean.
  • Akismet announces Defensio. So, who’ll hack both their plugins to compare results? Should be easy. Should be interesting! Chris is comparing the two on different blogs. Excellent.
  • The WordPress MU Codex is going to get another boost when we start populating it with useful nuggets of information from the forum. More documentation, more help, less frustration.
  • OK, so how many Irish and UK natives sneer, sniff and give out about the Polish people living here and in the UK? This is what happened to Joe who broke his ankle in Poland. Wouldn’t you just love if your hospital was that good?

    He arrived in the hospital at 10:15am, He was wheeled into the doctor at 10:30am and then taken for an X-Ray. By 11am it was confirmed that his ankle was broken and it was reset. By 11:15am his ankle had been placed in a cast and by 11:30am he was back in his hotel eating his lunch. 1 hour 15 minutes, done and dusted.

  • Stephen Fry bemoans the advent of modern cameras and mobile phones. Gone are the days of the simple autograph.
  • IPhone Day in the UK today! Fanboys started queueing For the iPhone release in the UK, yesterday. Unfortunately for them they have to deal with British weather. Whycantheywaitafewdays…
  • Googlehacks is a neat front end to Google allowing you to find music, books, videos and other things online. via and Digg so you all probably saw this too 🙂

8 thoughts on “Donncha's Friday Links

  1. The search still doesn’t work on super cached pages…

    Only those lines of dynamic content…how does this plugin (and even the old one) handle dynamic stuff like popularity contest, etc?

  2. Baz – are you using some sort of Ajax powered search or the regular “?s=searchterm” search? The regular search will work fine.

    Also, since no PHP is executed when static files are served some plugins won’t work. They’ll need to count hits using Javascript, or parse your log files on a periodic basis on the server.
    If you want those plugins to work, disable the super cache until the plugin is updated to support static files. (My own hit counter uses Javascript and works perfectly well, see the “Popular” and “Recent Visits” lists on the sidebar!)

  3. I guess you can’t have it both ways. It’s either cached of dynamic right?

    Then I’ll only be using this on 2/3 of my blogs.

    I’ve switched back to wp-cache for right now, sorry :). I need the search man.

    But in case you don’t hear this enough: EXCELLENT PLUGIN!!!!

  4. I had to disable the compression on super-cache… I changed themes and people were getting a .GZ file instead of the Blog… Not good. so, I still use it, just the compression needs to be fixed… and be told. DON’T send the GZ file to people coming to the Blog… 🙂


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