Idiot spammers

This comment was posted automatically using Blog Comment Poster. Check out its site to learn more and start building backlinks to your websites today.

This post was written manually using Donncha’s fingers. Check out the Akismet anti comment-spam plugin to stop the idiot spammer at using “Blog Comment Poster”.

63 thoughts on “Idiot spammers

  1. we got this recently:

    hello , my name is Richard and I know you get a lot of spammy comments ,

    I can help you with this problem . I know a lot of spammers and I will ask them not to post on your site. It will reduce the volume of spam by 30-50% .In return Id like to ask you to put a link to my site on the index page of your site. The link will be small and your visitors will hardly notice it , its just done for higher rankings in search engines. Contact me icq ########## or write me xxxxxxxxxxx(at) , i will give you my site url and you will give me yours if you are interested. thank you

  2. I found this blog while searching themes for my cat blog. Being new to blogging, I had no idea that those could get spammed too. My site is in progress and what you have shared could save me hours of work. Thank you so very much for this information.

  3. Most of this tech stuff is over my head. But I will chime in that in the last few weeks I get spam every day from auto dealers who are looking for backlinks. They write one stupid word like “interesting” or “nice”. Inane. I have no idea what to do, but you folks are mentioning Askismet so I will check it out.

  4. Lol, I had received the same message but luckily akimset caught it. There’s actually a software for autocommenting on wordpress blog on the ‘underground arena’ but even though some of it can fool akimset but you would still have to manually approve comments so if you see and “stupid pointless annoying message” just delete it 🙂

  5. Akismet definitely is a blessing, a bit annoying though that it still let’s about 10 comments go through each day for me which are obviously spam but the dozens of others which it does block quite make up for that :).

  6. If a spam comment looks to be manually created, I mail the author and offer him a sponsored post. Otherwise, Akismet & Bad Behaviour manage to catch around 95% of spam, so I don’t spend too much time in my moderation queue.
    I don’t understand the comment I recently received that was similar to yours (this comment was made by… …) – there was no content to the comment other than that, so unless someone was testing out which blogs would let it through before sending some real spam, it seemed pointless…

  7. That’s a classic spam comment right there. I wish I could get a few like that on my blog just to brighten my day for a second. My blogs never been spammed before though so I feel like I’m missing out.

  8. LOL! I should activate the Akismet plugin cuz i receive tons of spam comments everyday. They do not even have the intelligence to leave a smart comment that might get approved plus their sites have that spammy look all over.

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