Whither the outcry?

Bombs were defused and a disaster avoided in London and Glasgow yet I hardly hear a word of it online. Strange. The terrorists must be Apple users who knew that everyone would be talking about the iPhone.

Mark reminds us it wasn’t the police who noticed the bomb outside the nightclub in London. I read somewhere that paramedics were attending to a young man who had fallen outside the club when they spotted the suspicious packages in the car. If they hadn’t been there how many people would now be dead? Hugh points towards this post showing the nonsensical imbalance of news reporting.

I guess if it doesn’t happen in your own backyard then it doesn’t happen at all.

8 thoughts on “Whither the outcry?

  1. You’re looking in the wrong places then. It’s being written about on every news and political rss feed i read.

  2. Yeah, I caught it on Sky News the other morning at 5.30am while feeding Adam. Some good has to come from getting up at ungodly hours to feed a baby eh?

    Perspective I understand, but it is true that unless something happens on your doorstep it’s not a part of your world-view. I remember hearing about school killings in US from the guys on IRC when nothing was reported locally.

    I’m simply surprised that hardly anyone mentioned the bombing, that’s all.

  3. The defused bombs also seemed to come in the middle of the vast floods that happened last week. I think the BBC had the right balance – while it is apparently big news, the blanket of water covering Yorkshire and surrounding areas affected more people and rightly got more of the coverage.

    Perhaps people just don’t see it as big news any more, and perhaps that is the best way to treat a terrorist threat.

  4. I smell a truehope victory outcry for a better truehopefuture! lets stick together as brother and sisters and get along! outcry truehope light! its everything to me!

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