Hi Donncha!

I just reviewed the performance graphs for the c2 server at GoStats. There are have been no slowdowns or latency periods for the past several weeks. Could it be possible that another widget on the problogger website may have caused the slowdown you experienced?

Another thing to keep in mind is that your internet browser can get bogged down if you have been using it for a while. I tend to restart and even re-install my browser on occasion to ensure it is running in tip-top shape.

You also asked about the reasons for differences in hits between web stats. I have compiled a short list of some common reasons:
-Some web stats packages define a hit and a unique visitor differently. (For example GoStats determines unique visitors using both cookies and IP addresses. Other services may only use cookies)
-The speed of loading is also a factor. (I hope you will find that GoStats loads ultra-fast for you) You may also notice that position on the page will contribute to missed counts. (trackers at the very bottom may not get loaded by a web user who is clicking fast through)
-some web trackers aren’t installed on all pages. (404s, error pages, text-only pages) There is a soltuion for all of these cases.
-You may also find that web server stats will count objects such as css and javascript as actual hits! Quite superfluous.
-You can configure trackers (such as GoStats) to either track non-host url pages or not. (If people are copying your content to other servers, or if people are viewing your site from a google cache).

I hope that my answers have been of help to you Donncha.