Spy on your visitors with Blog Voyeur

Do you ever wonder what pages your regular visitors look at? Do they dig deep into your blog exploring old posts or do they sit in their feed reader and only read your latest posts?

By using my Blog Voyeur plugin you can find out.

This is the first release of the plugin. It appears to work well on the couple of blogs I tried but your mileage may vary. Download link is on the Blog Voyeur homepage above.

blogvoyeur screenshot

Automattic WordPress stats for your own blog

Andy announced a new WordPress stats plugin that uses the polished traffic graphs on your own self-hosted WordPress blog. I’ve been testing it here for the past few months and it’s worked fine. I must download the new plugin and install it to see what other goodies Andy has added since.

Eventually I’ll get around to releasing my own referrers plugin, but as our newborn Adam is taking up so much of our time it might be a while before I get around to it!