A Dad's scary moment

Kav’s scary moment #1 was the birth of his daughter. Our baby still hasn’t made an appearance and it looks likely we’ll be going to the hospital tomorrow evening. I doubt I could describe the event as well as Kav has, so if you’ve been through the experience, go read his blog post. If you haven’t, go read it anyway, it’s written very well and worth a few minutes of your time!

It’s an emotional bungee jump, is why. Frozen panic masked as calm, driving with jittery, awkward limbs. The rush of the brief heroics when you’re playing the rescuer, flying it down the corridor with a wheelchair containing your bellowing wife and your soon-to-be first-born. The feeling of being absolutely useless to her while she goes through this.

There is nothing you can do, so you mask your uselessness with words of support, while the midwives calmly go through the motions for the tenth time that night.

8 thoughts on “A Dad's scary moment

  1. Hot sex, hot bath, hot curry – apparently that’s the ticket to getting things moving 🙂

    And if none of those work, there’s always a spoonful of castor oil!

  2. Donncha,

    As someone whose been a father twice (both emergency caesarians) may I offer some advice…

    … try to recall the funniest things that happened you both.
    Best of luck to both of you. This time tomorrow there could be 3 of ye !
    We had pics of Sean up on flickr within 5 hours of him being born. Keep us posted.

  3. good luck again Donncha. a moment when you see your bundle of joy for the first time is unforgettable.
    I wish I could see mine but I still have to wait for a long time.

  4. Noirin, down girl! down! My wife was adamant about that stuff as well (at least, the hot sex bit anyway), which was hard to focus on, while I was trying to mentally prepare for having a(nother) kid.

    Donncha – wahey! Knowing you, we’ll have a boat-load of photos to look forward to as well.

    Well done, that lad.

  5. Cheers Donncha, and the best of luck. I hope it all goes swimmingly for you all. I hope the post didn’t worry you – feel that I ought to point out that although there was a lot of fear, it was completely overwhelmed by positive emotions. It’s an amazing experience. I’ll keep an eye out to see how you get on!

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