Missing your National Geographic?

Due to my ongoing problems with An Post, the postal service in Ireland, I wasn’t overly worried when this month’s copy of National Geographic didn’t materialise on time. It rarely does.

However, it’s getting on a bit, it’s the 17th of the month so I rang their Dutch offices(the only number I had for them) and found out that a shipment of magazines destined for Germany and Belgium went astray. Susan, the very nice woman on the other end of the phone verified my account details and told me that a few customers in Ireland were affected too. She promised that a copy of the missing magazine would be sent out to me from their American office immediately and I should expect it within 2 weeks.

So, if you’re missing this month’s copy of NGM, visit ngmservice.com where you can type in your customer number and find out where it’s gone.

19 thoughts on “Missing your National Geographic?

  1. i am subscribed to new scientist (weekly) and they have a nasty habit of arriving a few weeks late. so late in fact that once last year, i got four weeks editions in two days. i’m not impresses because i’m in a three year subscription.
    still the content is okay, just a little dated.

  2. Treasa – hmm, I wonder if I’ll get my copy soon then? I might end up with two copies. That somehow happened in January.

    mikeC – that’s very bad going! Have you contacted New Scientist? Their subscriber numbers are the most important number they can give advertisers because as you imply yourself, you’re a trapped audience who will read every issue. Subscribers definitely deserve better.

  3. I didn’t bother to get back to them because i don’t intend resubscribing next time around. Not because of the late issues or article quality, but i have found in the last year or so that most of their articles overlap with what you can find online, only a little dated. Their advertising and jobs section was also getting out of hand (more than half of the magazine). I found that i stopped really looking forward to the next issue because it was predictable … well the opinions were predictable anyway.

    * sorry about the bad spelling in the last post

  4. During this whole week I had about the same trouble with the daily newspaper (“Corriere della Sera”), which I haven’t rereived for six days.

    Yesterday my wife called the customer service and the guy on the other side explained her kindly that the problem comes from some post strikes during last days.

    Anyway he assured her they will send copies of the newspaper one week more after the end of my subscription. I think it’s a good way to treat customers.

  5. I have not had the same problem Donnacha, however I will not be renewing my subscription thanks to the fact that they send out repayment instructions 7 months before the subscription goes out.
    Every month they will send these crap reminders of how great it is to be a member, think of all the wasted paper and irritated clients!

  6. I just like to notify you that I didn`t get my
    May´s copy yet.

    eberhard holdinghausen

  7. I ahve not recived my copy for the month of May 2007 and also awaiting my subscription gift. PLease reply.
    Pawan Kumar Mehta

  8. Iam not getting regularly the national geographic magazines. Also i have not received the gift assured to me the digital camera. awaiting for an early re[ply

    Sanjay Saxena

  9. I ordered subscription about three weeks for my grandchildren on the web. I didn’t receive acknowledgement and have not let me know if they received it.

    Please reply.

  10. I sent a gift subscription for NG to my son in New Zealand in July
    Have they received any magazines?
    Don’t know, tried to ‘phone ’em but gave up. Lines always too busy.
    No way of feeding back this problem via websites, so using this blog.
    Hope it works!

  11. Dr B Whittaker – unfortunately I can’t do anything about your subscription. You’ll have to keep trying the website, or get your credit card company to reverse the charges and get your money back.

  12. One time I didnt recieve one of my monthly copies for 4 month later, I never called or said anything and eventually it came in the mail!

  13. I’m a life subscription holder and every year around Christmas everything goes crazy with my subscription. I haven’t received one in months and it pisses me off.

  14. I ordered subscription about three weeks for my grandchildren on the web. I didn’t receive acknowledgement and have not let me know if they received it.

  15. I receive the magazine regularly since I subscribed. But what about the digital camera which was promised? I am still waiting for it

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