Office space for the single worker

Do you work from home? Do you wish you could share the cost of an office space with like minded individuals? was launched a few days ago by Jason Roe and whose goal is to, “promote coworking in ireland, to provide a community space for coworkers to team up and to serve as a guide to people who are looking to go out on their own.” I love the notion of a “community of cafe-like collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents”.

It’s a great idea and I for one will be subscribed to the blog and keeping an eye on developments. I’m not the only one: James and Justin have both expressed an interest in the venture.

This wiki page has more details on what coworking is with a long list of posts on the subject and links to coworking initiatives all over the world!

2 thoughts on “Office space for the single worker

  1. shared work spaces are pretty popular here in helsinki – a lot of students and small 1 or 2 person offices rent space together.

    i rent some space along with a few architects and researchers in the centre and walking around the city its very common to see them (“työhuone” in finnish).

  2. hi Donncha —

    yep, I’m thinking this may become essential when we’re supposed to be working, and our respective wives are running around with baby vomit in their hair — I can’t see “but I’m working!” flying as an excuse not to break the concentration and help 😉

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