The Silent City

Remember Fifty Percent Grey? I briefly mentioned it a couple of years back, little knowing that it’s creator, Ruairi Robinson, would be nominated for an Oscar for his work on that short film.

Ruairi’s back, and thanks to Ruairi Roddy I found out about his new production. This time it’s a very cool short film called “The Silent City”. Ruairi (Roddy) likens it to Starship Troopers but I think it’s more evil than that, maybe not as blood thirsty, but I’d love to see what happens after the film ends. Who or what answers the call for help?

I wrote/directed/edited/storyboard this and did 95% of the visual effects myself. The film stars Don Wycherley (Batchelors Walk), Cillian Murphy (28Days/Later/Sunshine/Batman Begins/Breakfast on Pluto) and Garvan Mcgrath.

This is the film that finally got me an agent in Hollywood, where an Oscar nomination failed, and hopefully might help me secure one of those “career” things I keep hearing people talking about. I’ve had many many feature film scripts sent to me in the last couple of months from big fancy hollywood studios, which is utterly fantastic (but would be nice to be able to pay my goddamn rent in the meantime, before I get ahead of myself) so a big thanks to me in the past for finishing the film. I couldn’t have done it without past me. Future me, you better not fucking fail present me in my hour of need. Kudos to Nick Ryan too, for producing the thing for me. And the cast/rest of crew of course. I owe a lot of favours that I hope to *actually* repay some day.

Thanks to the wonder that is Youtube, here’s the original Fifty Percent Grey. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “The Silent City

  1. Wow, The Silent City is very impressive.

    Here, I am trying to get less violent entertainment in my life, but have little success. Is there entertaining conflict without violence?

  2. You could break down your question to, ‘Is there conflict without violence?’ and the answer to that is no.

    Even when there’s no physical violence there can be verbal or emotional violence or conflict. Actually, I prefer watching a physically violent film than one that messes with people’s heads. Give me Starship Troopers any day!

  3. conflict: opposition, compete

    violence: cause or intend to cause injury to people

    I think there are many conflicts that are not violent, or at the very least minimally violent. Human vs nature sometimes is; conquering a mountain by climbing is non-violent.

    I often wonder about how little we understand about how violence affects us, particularly as you say “than one that messes with people’s heads”.

    I watched the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica, and that was very much in my head.

  4. Saw “The Silent City” and loved it. I hope that it could be made into a full length movie, even if it was only out on DVD, I would see it. I enjoyed the dark post-apocalyptical setting for the movie. It reminded me of what I have read about the battle of Stalingrad in WW2.

  5. I went to see my shrink last month for therapy as I do each month. We are both MAC nuts. During my session he said I’ll show you this movie. We sat and watched The Silent City and it just blew me away. It is amazing. It’s fantastic. 5 stars. How the hell was it done. What sort of computer and software was it made with. It is so good. Ants

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