Writing Perl, the Vista way

Perl is complicated enough as there are a half dozen ways of doing any one operation, but what if you used Microsoft Vista’s speech recognition to type? I was only watching and wanted to stop the movie after 32 seconds, I don’t know how he kept going for 10 minutes! I dare you to watch this and not laugh! I wonder how well Vim would work? (via Richard)

PS. Richard increased the Linux userbase by 1 by converting one of his coworkers using the Ubuntu live CD. I used that CD last week and it’s really impressive. A bit strange when the live desktop appears, but the Install icon makes things obvious. Grab the latest Ubuntu live CD and give it a whirl if you’ve never used Linux. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

11 thoughts on “Writing Perl, the Vista way

  1. It gets so much better (and by “better,” I mean hilariously frustrating, sort of along the lines of movies like “Meet the Parents”).

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  2. I really don’t know how he persisted. I really would have given up.

    For real geek coolness, he could have used Festival to read out some existing code and see what Vista made of it 🙂

  3. “complicated enough”: you mean flexible 😉

    I remember seeing this about a week ago on jwz’s blog

    I have no idea how he persisted! I would have needed my hands tied and even then I would have probably started using my feet or head.

    Very funny, but the clip is bit long.

    The end is one of the best parts.

    “That was easy dot txt”

    “Its pretty amazing”

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