I forgot to ask the midwife

We’re just back from our first ante natal class and I forgot to ask the most important question that every dad wants to know,

Can the prospective dad get a few gulps of the gas and air?

I did remember to ask another important question.

When the baby is upside down in the womb, does the blood run to it’s head? Is the baby in a constant state of wooziness?

Apparently the unborn baby’s blood runs in the opposite direction to your’s or mine. When a baby is born two valves close off in the heart and the blood flows in the right direction! So much happens when a baby is born, they must start breathing for themselves, they have to heat themselves.. Complicated business.

Brenda Power writing in the Sunday Times has a very positive article about older mothers. This is a subject close to my heart because my pregnant wife will be 42 on her next birthday, although if you met her you’d hardly know it! I would link to the article but the Times Online website has been redesigned. They’re looking for feedback so here’s mine. I don’t mind the new colours, it’s not as cluttered as other news sites, but some of the database and archive functionality could be improved. When I tried to view last Sunday’s Sunday Times content the drop down didn’t work, and searching for “Brenda Power” in the search box returned zero results! Does she still work for you? Looking forward to seeing those problems fixed because half the enjoyment of reading the newspaper is that I can blog it later!

One more criticism of the new Sunday Times website – not all articles are available there. The two I wanted to blog about this week are missing in action, presumed lost in the server somewhere. Please fix it! *sob*

4 thoughts on “I forgot to ask the midwife

  1. There’s a birthing pool in the new CUH but I forgot to ask that. Next week, just to be sure.

    On a more serious note, the lack of trained staff means that many expectant mothers who might want to use the birthing pool won’t be able to, but that should improve with time.

  2. Seriously Donncha, my wife fell around the place laughing when I said I wanted our kids be born in a pool because I thought it would be cool if they could swim right away. Don’t ask 😉 and don’t tell anyone I told you either!

  3. I heard that there is a birthing pool in the CUH but nobody trained to use it, This is a real shame as I would love to use this for my first pregnancy… Has anybody used this pool or is it all heresay….

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