Halifax Ireland under attack

I saw this advert over the weekend and fell about laughing at it. Yes, it was a quiet weekend in Kerry but it’s a good ad nonetheless! I wonder if we’ll see disgrunted bankers barging into the Cork branch of Halifax looking for a fight?

7 thoughts on “Halifax Ireland under attack

  1. Do you know that Liveline was tied up for about half an hour with people ringing in complaining about this ad? I didn’t hear the programme myself, but I believe they were upset by its “gratuitous violence” or something. Some people have little to do…..

  2. Haha, I’d blieve it! I think it’s hilarious, but, oh so shocking, it was shown before 9pm. Maybe they should have had a public health warning before the ad?

    I’ll see if I can dig up that Liveline from rte.ie and link from it here. Should be good for a laugh methinks!

  3. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what day it was on.

    It is a goodish ad, but I still prefer the “reverse evolution” ad they had for Guinness. That was one of the few ads that made me laugh every time I saw it even though I knew what was coming!

  4. Something makes me wonder why anyone would complain about an Ad. It tells about the state of the Irish mind if we complain about a company who seems to have the only sense of humour in the business world.

    Still, bankers are something too be feared. Both Marxists and capitalists know that, although for different reasons…

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