Death and Divorce Unix style

When you break up with your significant other you go through the motions of living your life, but in a daze. At some stage you need to let go and move on, no matter how hard it is. (from xkcd)


PS. Congrats Elly on the move to WordPress! A pity this cartoon wasn’t published before your talk at BarCamp!

PPS. But seriously, a friend just broke up with his girlfriend of over 4 years. She was cheating on him, I hope he listens to how to dump a cheating girlfriend!

3 thoughts on “Death and Divorce Unix style

  1. Thanks Matt for the heads-up! I got your comment at 8:20pm (despite the date on the comment above!) and recorded it.

    I was expecting it, but I still can’t believe they made so light of Hammond’s car crash. Sure, it was entertaining tv but it was such a serious accident and they just laughed! At least Jeremy acknowledged Richard Hammond’s bravery in getting in the car in the first place.

  2. i recently got divorced from my russian wife because she is a very irresponsible woman.-.-

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