If Windows is a car, Mac may be a bike. They ARE different and for different people. I am a programmer as profession. One standard in our app design is that all features must be accessible through keyboard. Why is that you ask. Because people use computer to process information and information is text in nature, GUI is just another way to present info. Keyboard is the most efficient way to deal with text, no question, especially when dealing with large amount of info. For this reason, I can’t say Max is for pro, maybe it looks nice. But if you have to click click click and absolutely no keyboard shortcut, that just dumb and unprofessional. Don’t tell user to download another app, that is even dumber. This is a system design problem, Let me put this in another perspective. As we know, people working on computer long time could hurt their wrist. Why, too much mouse movement. For your health, try to use keyboard as much as possible instead of mouse move and click,
rest your wrist on support while typing.as light as possible. Another reason to stick to the keyboard access rule: accessible for handicaps that can’t use mouse or keyboard. A voice command is very easy to convert and match a key input, You would feel strange if people are forced to use computer by saying: move the mouse to the top left corner, lower half inch, click, and click again. Now you know why I call Mac is dumb.