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Update! WordPress MU has a tiny fix for a post publish bug. You can download it from the usual place.

WordPress MU has just been released and may be downloaded immediately.

This is a security and bugfix release and a recommended upgrade for every WordPress MU site. What happened to 2.8.5? I had it tagged and ready for release when Luke reported a little problem. It wasn’t possible to edit blogs! It was an easy bug to fix but code had been tagged and zip/tarball archives created so I had to create new ones. Thanks Luke! Saved the day. 🙂

Thanks to everyone else who contributed and helped in any way during the making of this release. Your help is invaluable.

This release also fixes a problem with slashes in blog and site options. You’ll be prompted to run the site upgrader. Please run it on all your blogs. For a more comprehensive look at what has changed recently, take a look at the Trac Timeline.

8 thoughts on “WordPress MU

  1. After updating to one of my users (with an Author role) is getting this error when trying to publish:

    You cannot make this user the post author.

  2. Hi,

    After I upgraded to WPMU some of my plugins were not working fine.

    My configuration:
    1. WordPress Version (WP MU, directories)
    2. Theme Name – bp-default
    3. Blog URL http://intercer.net/blogs/
    4. PHP And MYSQL Version PHP5, Mysql 5

    For example: wp-download manager

    When I try to add or edit an existing item in the download list, it redirects to the main blog admin page in my wp-mu.

    Another example: wp-bible

    Submitting the form to get the results redirects to the main blog public page

    To solve these issues for now I downgraded to 2.8.4

    Any ideas why this happend in the latest version?



  3. Lucian,

    It is caused by a call to : in the wp-download manager files.

    As far as I understand it you can’t use this in MU as this is calling the URL (http://mysite.com) and not (http:mysite.com/myblog). I replaced this call with in all the files (download-add.php, download-options.php, etc) and it worked fine with WPMU

    Hope this may help,


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