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  1. just a note on the penalty points document. Points cannot be wiped off the licence until three years have elapsed and it is not three years of penalty free motoring. So if you get two points in January 2006 and then another two in March 2006, and then another two in December, the points you received in January will still be removed from the licence in january 2009, provided you don’t get accumulate the maximum 12 points in the meantime. In which case you are banned for six months and then get a clean licence to start again with.

  2. There’s more. I don’t think this is an Irish points document. There are only 35 offences that attract points and up until last month there were only four. I would ignore that and revert to the department of transport’s site or better still go to http://www.penaltypoints.ie which gives an accurate description of offences and penalties. It also has stats for those who are interested.

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