More blog details from Google Reader

More blog details from Google Reader

Click on the “Show details” link above your currently selected blog in Google Reader and you get a nice attractive posting and reading frequency graph, as well as the old Subscriber numbers.

As you can see, I don’t read The Online Photographer as much as I’d like to!

5 thoughts on “More blog details from Google Reader

  1. You could always look at your log file. Does Feedburner return the number of subscribers any more?

    I just noticed that nice graph doesn’t appear when I look at the details on my Macbook, and I’m upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10 so Firefox is closed and I can’t check to see if this has been disabled. Odd.

  2. Some of us don’t use Feedburner 😉

    I can sometimes go by the results the Google Reader bot leaves in my logs when it visits, but they’re few and far between most of the time…


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