No Béarla in this country

Is it possible to travel the length and breath of Ireland by only speaking in Irish? Evidentally yes if the following video clip is anything to go by. TG4 broadcaster Manchán Magan did it and this is his story. Here he buys condoms in a chemist, chats up some girls at a disco and finishes the night off by, well, watch the clip. It’s a bit funny. (via TCAL)

3 thoughts on “No Béarla in this country

  1. Is maith sin! I really enjoyed the series. Wish it was on DVD. Everyone needs to support Ireland and get the show on the road, lol.
    I like Gaelic, sounds nice to me and I’m not even Irish.
    Adh mor ort agus slan.

  2. When I contacted Manchán in April, 2012, he told me that he was working to get them pressed to DVD. He said that he was hoping to fit the whole series on a single DVD, and that it would be available in May, 2012, in PAL format, and without subtitles.

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