The lack of single click mode this is the most glaring, problem that the mac has. Macs are great mostly because they are “dumbed down” but lets face it there are some qualities that are missing because the OS development has not been any comparison to windows. Macs have only had a two button mouse for a couple of years! If you are a light user of email, photos, etc (most of us) you will say whats all the complaining about? ..but if you use your mac for real work & know the advantages of single click mode, it is a nightmare. A person has to know ALL the adavantages to single click mode to appreciate what I am saying.


I am a photographer with a need to do partial file renaming, I will say this again, this applies to PARTIAL file renaming. In Windows single click mode it takes 1 click per file, on my Mac it takes 3 clicks per file. If I have 100 files to rename, it becomes 300 clicks instead of 100. Can you say carpal tunnel?

1st click to activate the file name
2nd click to activate the rename mode
3rd click to place the cursor (this is a partial file rename)

Any other action involving the keyboard counts as a click in my book.
Batch rename won’t work because the names don’t fit a pattern.
I appreciate any suggestions, but unless you have direct experience with single click mode you probably won’t be able to help me or appreciate where I am coming from.

Is there any workaround with a program-able mouse or third party OS patch??