Will the real hair please stand up?

Pictures of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their baby Suri Cruise appear in this month’s Vanity Fair. Is that the heir’s real hair? Katie’s pose isn’t the most flattering either, that neck goes on and on. Click the link to see a larger version of the photo.

6 thoughts on “Will the real hair please stand up?

  1. It is isn’t it? I never even guessed that such a thing would exist! Maybe the wig is to stop the alien spirits getting into his brain! That must be it!

  2. Given the colour of the baby’s hair underneath the hairpiece I can’t help but wonder if it is to hide the fact that one (or both) of the couple die their hair? Not that I am accusing either of them of being vain.

  3. Tom’s getting on a bit. He’s getting jealous. Instead of just getting the photoshop operative to make him look twenty years younger he’s asked for the other two to look like utter freaks!

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