I used to …

Looking around the shopping center this afternoon I remembered how I used to wonder why parents had a dull lifeless haggard look about them. This was when I was single. Now I’m a parent and I know why.

I used to think that people who had their credit cards stolen probably used them on a dodgy site or entered their details on a non secure server. Then my credit card details were skimmed somehow.

I used to spell Windows Windoze, but then I graduated from college.

I used to think I was invincible, I’d climb trees, climb the local quarry, go caving, do slightly mad stuff. Life experience taught me otherwise.

I used to look for gratification in material things but then I got married and my son was born. Wow.

I’ve never been happier. What about you?

8 thoughts on “I used to …

  1. Interesting! Here’s mine…

    I often look around at people on their own, seeing sad faces, and wondering what problems they might have or how lonely they might be. I sometimes wish the world was a happier place. I’m currently single.

    I got money extracted from my Paypal account last year. About €100 on Skype credit. After telling them I’m always very careful with my username and password, they eventually said they believed it was an internal problem.

    In college, I sometimes wrote “Lin(s)ux”, because of how much I hated the OS.

    I’m guilty of over-concentrating on how fragile we as humans are. I was always too afraid to do even some of the mundane things in life. That was up until a few years ago, when I finally decided to push myself and try to live a little.

    I’ve never been stuck for money in my life, nor had to go without something I wanted. It never made a blind difference to how I felt. It’s led me to believe that money is precious, but ultimately worthless.

    Currently happy, but always a little too apathetic about life 🙂

  2. I’m broke, in debt and have been unemployed for 16 months and yet somehow I find myself pretty happy and content. My son is the light of my life (a cliche I know)and I’m about to go to college so it’s not all bad.

    Mind you since I’ve gotten older I’ve become absolutely terrified of heights!

  3. I used to look for gratification in material things but then I got married and my daughter and son were born. Still it’s not a gratification for me. They keep changing and not last forever. Can’t take them as a gratification for me.

    When I let go those things (as a gratification), it’s much better. The burden is lifted.

  4. Lets see.. I used to hate the 1990’s but now I’d kill to re-live them.

    The last 7 years I made a complete tw@ of myself so I want to relive them as well. This leaves 2 years that I don’t want to relive because I don’t remember them.

    I still say “Windoze”. Only to so people know i’m on about the OS not the glass yokes.

    I’ll probably never have kids. even if it’s just to avoid the haggard look. And with the amount of girls I have passively rejecting me and accusing me of stalking i’ll never get the chance either 🙂

    Now I realise that the days before I started primary school when we would go to Cork once a month and live in relative poverty compared to now were the best days of my life.

    All the new technology that comes out has its own problems attached to it and doesn’t seem to make people any happier. I can’t really say the days when we only had a single landline telephone, no TV and no computer were any worse than they are now. in fact they were probabably better

    Long live the good’ol days.

  5. Folks

    I do this little excercise from time to time where i thank God (not saying you have to be religious thats just me) where i say thanks for the following

    My Wife
    My three children
    My Father and Mother
    My Two Brothers
    and for the following
    1. All the breaths i have ever taken
    2. All the heartbeats of my life
    3. All the food i have ever eaten
    4. All the drink i have ever drank
    5. All the shoes i have worn
    6. All the clothes i have worn
    7. All the money i have spent
    8. All the journeys i have taken
    9. All the things i have learnt
    10. All the people i have met
    11. All the places i have been to
    12. All the match’s i have seen
    13. For my body, and all its functions
    14. For all the nights i have slept
    15. For every bed i have slept in
    16 For all the books i have ever read
    17. For all the music have listened too
    18. For Not knowing what war is really like
    19. For living in a democratic free country
    20. For all the mistakes i have made
    21. For my 3 sons and all the laughter, joy and fun they have brought to my life
    22. For my wife and all the love, fun, arguments and chats we have had

    I could keep going but you get the idea

    Its an amazing excercise cause once you realise everything you have to be thankfull for the problems or issues you are gonig through are managable, you don’t have to be religious (in my opinion it helps) for this to work, i have siad it out loud, i have written it down and i have typed it out whatever suits, but give thanks, it unlocks happiness

  6. Hey Donncha,

    I hope all is going well with your identity situation. How are you doing? I’ve been eagerly waiting for an update. I check your site usually a few times a day for updates.

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