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How to make cocaine

Cocaine use is ruining many lives, the social side effects of paying for an expensive addictive habit ruins society but it’s also disgusting all the crap they use to make cocaine. As it’s an illegal drug you have to take what you get: petrol, cement, calcium oxide, ammonia, H2SO4 and of course coca leaves. This video takes you through the process of from picking the leaves, chopping them, spraying them wth the above chemicals and filtering. Ugh. Everyone should see this video. It might stop someone experimenting with it in the first place.

The Swearing Lady has been reading about Cocaine use in Ireland and the UK. It’s being cut with carcinogenic chemicals to increase yields so on top of the chemicals above drug users are really f*cked. (via and I’d swear Damien linked to the movie a few days ago too)

Edit: the video that was here is long gone, but here’s a text description of how to make cocaine. Reminded me of Breaking Bad reading that.

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no the only drug that should be legal is weed because it is natual salva is legal and its worse than weed salva is natural make weed legal cut crime in half and make cash on tax win win for ever one the only resone they are keep going is to make a point that we dnt tolerate any laybrakers but they do they kill people in jails and half the time they people who die are inersent so taht tells you something

“inersent?” Your post is why weed is illegal. The only reason people think weed’s any different, is because they like it. It makes people lethargic, stupid, and impairs their judgment and basic motor skills. It’s a light-hallucinogen – you know, like shrooms or LSD. Personally, I’m all for drugs being illegal and letting the drug-dealers flaunt their ill-gotten gains by pumping all that money back into the economy, than living in a nation of unhindered dope-use under the government’s peddling. Cuz this way, I’ll at least know that someone who uses the phrase “inersent” isn’t heading any important corporation.

Seth the reason why its illegal is cause of fucking morons like you who dont use it, dont know shit about it n read some crap and think u got a idea! Its nothing like Lsd or shrooms. You and people like you are who ruin it for smokers like me. Ya you prob dont do drugs but being a alcoholic dont make u better then anyone! The only time any of those things u said happen is when u r a first time user. After u have ur first exp. you will no longer b paranoid and can drive go to work and go on about your day as you do normally!

There are MANY jobs that require completely unimpaired judgement, and coming to work high can and will cost lives, and not just your own. This is why there are drug and alcohol tests. With alcohol, it only stays in your system a few hours, so it’s easy to have a test show if someone’s been drinking on the job. But marijuana stays in your system up to ten days. How are we supposed to know you “only smoked it on the weekend” and you weren’t high when you “lost control” of the steamroller and ran over your co-worker?

Your statement “After u have ur first exp. you will no longer b paranoid and can drive go to work and go on about your day as you do normally!” is also complete bollocks. Canabis is a psychoactive and physiological compound, and produces stimulant, depressant, AND halucinogenic effects. Before spouting off about how someone “dont know shit about it n read some crap and think u got a idea” you should read some crap (ie dictionary, medical study) and get your facts straight.

If you think that weed is bad you are a fucking retard. Weed is an incredible medicine with more uses than almost any other plant in the world. Just because some drunken idiot talks about weed online doesn’t make it a bad thing. I smoke weed several times a day and have for about 2 years now. As far as being lethargic, thats your own fault.

Have you ever used drugs? I smoke weed, have been for the last 4 years and have been pro drugs since always. And your argument based on a poorly written post by someone like myself who is not a native english speaker (in advanced sry for my poor english) and a lot of misconceptions about what weed really does to you, weed is not a hallucinogen at all, dude, please don’t buy into all the myths and try to test for yourself then speak up, in highly controversial topics as this, media and others who have a lot to gain from demonizing something are not the best sources. Cheers.

Yes, weed is a hallucinogen class. And depending on the species of the plant (sativa or indica) you’re looking at either a stimulant or depressant effect.
There is nothing wrong with LSD, either. LSD has anti-addictive properties (not only making it impossible to become addicted to, but also helping those addicted to heroin and alcohol and the like to quite altogether (yes, alcohol is physically addictive. It’s got a dopamine affinity). Furthermore, LSD has been known to help with depression and work as a powerful psychiatric tool. The fact that it was made so illegal in the sixties that even labs were not able to conduct research with it to prove whether or not it was safe is a sign that somebody does not want this drug on the market, pharmacuetically or otherwise.
In fact, a lot of drugs have uses beyond the normal conception of “getting fucked up”. Yes, you can get fucked up on them, but the have extreme personal/physical benefits not found in today’s pharmacy.

ur a fucking dick , people do not use weed just becuase they like it. the use it for stuff like medicine and clothing etc…. but to say that it is just like shrooms or lsd is retarted.(sorry if i spell some stuff wrong) .

Recreation (“just because they like it”) is the number one use of weed in the world. Also: “weed” isn’t used for clothing. “Weed” is the buds and leaves of the plant. Hemp is made from just the stalks, and is what is used in clothing.

how the f*$k can you compare weed with lsd and other drugs?clearly you have no f#$%@ng idea of what you are talking advise?kill yourself.

Comparing weed to shrooms and LSD.. really? You may type like you are intelligent but please look up your facts before you flaunt your opinion. Thanks

I actually wondered if there was half as much carcinogenic painkillers going into our imported coke as the authorities make out. Ridiculous scaremongering (like in the case of the Phenacetin stories) has no place in an informed campaign directed towards adults… like I said, the reason people should stay away from cocaine is that the business side of it ruins so many lives in Columbia and on the “lower rungs” of Irish society. Look at the shite that goes into making a packet of Taytos; that doesn’t stop any of us.

The more seizures the authorities make, the more the drug needs to be cut to match demand. Making it rare doesn’t stop people wanting it… it just makes the stuff out there even less pure.

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As a previous cocaine addict it is a very dusguisting addictive drug that has many people by thier f*cking balls and anyone who sniffs this shit or smokes it is a big dumbass and should be vanished off the face of this earth. If you are going to kill yourself just use a gun hurry up and get it over eith so the smart ones on this earth can continuie livinfor g our lives in peace without worring about crack heads around us. And as ashley slay, you arethe buggest slut for saying that sh*t i hope you get aids and then you wont be spreading your damn legs so muck to everything that walks. From now one keep thatdick in your mouth so you can shut up saying sh*t on this website. STAY OFF DRUGS. BESIDES SLEEP IS A BEATIFUL THING LIVE YOUR LIFE DONT WASTE IT

I dont smoke cigarettes cuz it will stop I breath
I man no sniff coke cuz it will make I choke
All i smoke is the real Tusheng Peng
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pass the tusheng peng – pass it over
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I used to sell coke and I was sniffing a few grams per day and started smoking it too, it’s okay but after awhile it gets boring, I just do it on the weekends now, ecstacy is the bomb thought it makes me feel better then coke, I usually take around 5-10 e per week.

i deal crack..and i laugh at all the poor motherfu**ers who i sell it too…they are dumba**es throwing their lives away…but hey..they make me money right? hahahahahahaha

This is some of the stupidest shit i have ever heard. do you understand that cocaine is a multi billion dollar operation, you know what that means, no matter what you do or what the governmant does you are not going to get rid of it. and if someone wants to do it hey more power to you, everyone is entitled to whatever experience they want. so if your going to do it do it and have enough fun for the rest of the people in the world that are to afraid of the law or death that they dont experience everything life has to offer. doing it once wont get you addicted unless you are a complete pussy and have no self control. dont get me wrong it is incredibly addictive but dont be a vagina and use your brain when you come down and make the descion than and there if you will ever do it again.

Hey cocorachez, see that cunt that deal crack u should be lined up and rattled, maybe when u get caught, that might just happen!

Ok, heres the the thing. We’ve all seen them. The desperate crack-heads. They will do anything, steal from anyone to get that next hit. Cocaine has ruined many lives. However, so has porn, alchohol, the internet, video games, music, money, whatever. Take your pick. The world is full of potential addictions, all of which can be equally deadly. I beleive that anything in life, ANYTHING, that is remotely enjoyable can be abused, overused, and ruin lives. One of the biggest problems in society today is that basic human values such as self control have all but vanished. And yet our dependancy and trust in our government seems to be getting stronger. Does this look funny to you? Making drugs illegal and putting people in prison has not, does not, and will never cure addictions. Just as sending billions of tax dollars to help impoverished countries will never solve the growing poverty problem here in America. Another link in the chain here? Look at the numbers people. Look at the amount of people whos lives were far beyond ruin before they started using crack, or any other drug for that matter. Also, look at the successful people who simply had a habit, they liked to get high, who are now useless sitting in a prison somewhere. The drug war in America has but one victor, and that is the grave. Start teaching people about self control, and make the drugs legal. If some1 wants to OD on crack or heroin, then GREAT! Someone who will go that far, is going to do it legally or not! So what are we trying to accomplish, really? I say we take the unsurmountable amounts of profit being made in the drug trade OUT of “the hood” and put it to the good of the general public. Lets make our trade sanctions on Cuba worth a shit and stop giving them our money for cocaine! In closing, I have been a user of powder and crack cocaine for many , many years. My priorities are still in order. My responsibilities met. My mind strong. My body fit. My life is great. The problem with a drug user is NOT the drug. People are not powerless over their bodies. Cocaine is NOT a living being. It does NOT have big, nasty mean claws that grab you and wont let go, I promise. However, it must be respected. And moderation is key. I smoke between $25-$50 a week in crack cocaine depending on what bills are coming up when. And guess what happens if it looks like Im not gooing to have enough money to get high? I STAY SOBRE and find something else to do with my time. I dont go rob a bank, or sell my dead grandmother’s wedding ring. I dont crawl on the floor endlessly looking for crack rocks that dont exist. I simply maintain control of myself. So, I hope this helps shed some light on the subject of cocaine and possibly serves to at least “dull” the stigma that has been attatched to it because of mindless, lesser members of society.

Mix the cocaine and some baking soda (usually 1:2 ratio) in some water.Heat is then applied to this solution and the crack will rise to the top. 🙂 enjooooooooy

Mix the cocaine and baking soda in some water (usually 1:2 ratio) and heat gently … the crack will rise to the top… enjoy 🙂

i cant believe the losers on this site that think cocaine is so cool and the aids skank ashley .and to the guy who does it in moddrztion well good for him but stop advocating its use to others most people become freaks in varying degrees because of that shit and to the crack dealer well i can see why he laughs at his customers pull your head out of your asses smoke weeed at least it dosent make you intoa boil on societys ass

ther is no good grugs, it just is NOT!! not even weed, but i believe if u can u use drugs in a responsible way, i do it, but in your head u must fight sometimes, if u cant stay off the shit, u feel forced & think u need it, go outside & start sporting, something to put ur head off the dope, dont thinj u need that shit, its just a fun thing to do, ONCE IN A WHILE, im planning on staying a live & NOT becoming a pshyco for drugs.

Take care with it. As someone told previously, moderation is the key! And be sure to buy good coke, otherwise you’ll be sniffin a lot of fucking toxics that only do damage to your body.

you lot should just do what u want and stop bitching about what be peoplle want to be and do read the da hbbits line and take it in he makes total sense

Hey I was wondering if who ever posted this piece knows who the YouTube user is that has this video, because it says it’s no longer available to the public, only ppl who’ve befriended them on youtube.


i ll say that coke is for losers and wannabes and for the ones who dont have money at first but then have a fortune somehow (like singers athletes models etc..) elite people mostly wont deal with coke no matter how much money they got cuz its lame.i did coke once it feels good for a while then makes u depressed tho cuz ur brain gets addicted to the fake happiness feeling. to me happiness is more meaningful than coke 😉

cocaine use can grab anyone by the balls, and it
brings out the worst in a person. Alot of drug use is
going to destroy you mentally and physically. Doing coke
is like trying to get sick, and trying to end up with a
serious brain disorder. They used to call it cocaine phycosis. But really once you mess up your brain chemistry it can bring on scizophrinia, Bi-polar, and
depression. The coke might seem like the cure but it just
making the problem worst.

I had tried coke once before. just put in for ball the other day wid a few mates. had a few lines of it wid a mate yesterday. and it was gd for a measly 20-30 mins then DEPRESSION!! then ya have another line coz ya feel shit and lifes gd again then DEPRESSION. im not even gonna have any more of wat i bourt just gonna throw it away couldnt give a fuk bout the cash. life is 100 times more important and REAL than that shit. its just a false sense of security because people who take it or any drug for that matter feel so low about them selves and so insecure that they have to try and make themselves feel better about themselves by getting a so called “hit” off something. here’s one to think about. would any of us want a life threating disease such as cancer? or any bad diseases? unless your a dickhead most wouldnt want it. but how many pound your brains with all sorts of drugs to eventually become pyhcotic manics with a life of “LIVING HELL”. so for all of you have your drugs!! you can keep em! GO FUCK YOUR LIVES UP!!! and if any perthetik fuk wit junkys try to say any different to what i have said.. just goes to show how drug fucked you are!!!

i got so much yayo its going to curl your toes i got so much work/crack/cocaine/money i dont have to work get money pimpin o-block and ALL-SET on deck

Can anyone upload the Vid through RAPIDSHARE or something?
Thanks if possible aight,

PEACE and goodluck with the site !

hey i am high out of my mind right now and i really dont care what every 1 says about cocaine because ive never tried it, to every man his own right. i just know that this sticky icky homemade shiz is the f*cking bomb digity!!!!!!im gunna go eat a whole bag of gawd damn doritos now so peace out.

im a former cocaine user and i smoke weed about 5 to 6 times a day. I got caught by the cops but you think i would have had commen sense to quit. I got hooked in to doing cocaine and blew a whole 8 ball to my face and turned purple and just about Over Dosed. I drank that night so my heart and my insides im sure were just about dead. I use to do it on weekends than it became a thing where iw ould do it during the week. I don’t think anything of it until now and how stupid it was and how much of a scummy person it makes you look and feeel. I would wake up on mornings where i would feel like a huge mack truck had hit me in the face or almost visiting the hospital. Im formally getting into groups and getting help for my addictions. I had lost my cousin to a Herion overdose, it was only his second time doing it. He was in a Rehab for doing cocaine. I’ve thought about alot andi know i could do so much more without spending my money on that and doing othethings with people who i’ve kicked out of my life due to being a drug addict. I miss them. I’ve lost 7 people who wre close to mein the past year. It hits you all. It hits you at once and it sucks. You think about to much

how can you watch the movie now? it says when i try to play the video that the owner of this video does not allow embedding of this video, please watch it on youtube.

whats the key word on youtube?

Hey yogi, FUCK YOU. Druggies are just a person with a problem and many of them ending up committing suicide like a good friend. If you wish people dead it sounds like you have more hatred in you then many drug addicts do. Drug addicts are like old people because they are not going to live as long but they are still worth while and have thier own truth and wisdom. I know a few. I learned some of the most important lessons from my drug addicted friend who recently committed suicide and I hold upmost respect for him because he was truelly a brilliant person who made a bad decision early on and stuck with it. He taught me to make sure I knew I did not hate my father. As for the “ALL DRUGS ARE BAD” perspective I have gotten many good things from experiementing with drugs. Cocaine, is bad but I have done it like 6 or 7 times, will never do it again, regret doing it the last time but I have gotten good things from the experience. LSD as significantly increased the quality of my life and I am eternally grateful to have experimented with it. Dropping acid was one of the best decisions I have made. Pscylocibin also has a point. Majic Mushrooms are fundamental and a catylist to the evolution of the human race. My drug habits now are smoking weed on occasion (with moderation) and experimenting with psylocibin every 6 months or so. I see this as a healthy living style. Probably going to drop LSD again once I fall in love. LSD has helped me more then any psychologist or perscription pills ever could. Just don’t take too many hits at once or do it too frequently or after the first few trips if you know your not right for the drug then do not continue its use. I have also done MDMA twice and rolls once. I will never do E or cocain again. MDMA also has a point and there is a social learning that occurs and it produces great empathy. I meditate, eat healthy, excersize and live life beautifully. Gratitude and faith are important and I feel like most drug addicts have a lack of gratitude. I would never do pcp or herion but opium is cool rarely such as when you at a place like BONNAR0o0o0o0o0o!!!!! Just don’t do the wrong drugs and don’t do too many drugs. Basically, say KNOW to drugs.

Hi all let me give you all some advise ,if your thinking of doing any drugs please just say NO and if your using find help because its only goner get worse and all you are achieving is lining your dealers pockets.i like having money ,looking at money and spending it on all kinds of over useless shit.When i was young it was weed which was cool at first but then it gave me depression now im 24 i use crack once a month which is the biggest waste of money on the earth but i havent used for 3 weeks and have no plans to do it again but who nos if i get pissed maybe .ive tried everything and weed occasionly is ok and a E in a club once or twice is ok but be carful everything else stay away from crack ,h, ketomin ,coke they only lead to debt ,losing good friends gaining bad ones and a WASTED LIFE peace stay alert

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