Carole Coleman: "I wanted to slap him"

Carole Coleman made headlines when she interviewed George Bush last year in the White House. Here was a reported who didn’t want to hear the same regurgated speel again and again.
In this extract, she tells why, I wanted to slap him, and recalls the aftermath of her intereview with “the leader of the free world” too.
(Side note.. nowhere is Carole COleman quoted as saying “I Wanted to slap him”, did the Times take creative license with the title of their lead story?)

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan takes Bush on over his nomination of Harriet Miers to, “be one of only nice justices on the Supreme Court of the United States.”

6 thoughts on “Carole Coleman: "I wanted to slap him"

  1. Well she did say My blood was boiling to such a point that I felt like slapping him. so it’s a bit of a same difference. The interesting thing about it is imagine a role reversal where a man said something to the effect of they wanted to slap a woman politician or a woman interviewer. There would be a complete freakout. And rightly so.

    Unfortunately though the warped political correctness of today means it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to advocate violence by it’s not ok for a man to do likewise.

  2. Thanks Dave for pointing out something that’s perpendicular to the point of the story! 🙂
    Good observation however, male and female equality has tipped the balance in many circles – a woman can do things now that would be frowned upon if done by a man. I think that “equality” will see-saw over time, never reaching a real equalibrium.

  3. Meas Mor (as Hector might say) to Carole. One of RTE’s finest moments at a time when the European public’s views were being trampled by their Governments. Pity she didn’t slap him.

  4. Well, she was given the interview due to specific intervention on her behalf. She was quite well briefed beforehand by protocol officers. She was interviewing someone who is a democratically elected head of state. Then she behaves like that. Rude, obnoxious, interrupting. Self satisfied little smirk on her gob the whole time. If people seriously think that performance is the pinnacle of interviewing then there’s $500m in this bank account I need some help with…

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