2 thoughts on “The power of the Sleep Cycle

  1. 90 minutes is just an average. I spent most of the 1990s with an average sleep cycle of two hours after the first couple (which were closer to 90).

    So for me, 6.5 hours of sleep works about right, as does 4.5, especially when coupled with a 90 minute nap in the early afternoon, and I haven’t set an alarm regularly for almost ten years.

    If you’re going to experiment with this, be prepared for a harder “afternoon slump” than usual for a while. Your body will want to catch up on the sleep somehow, and a nap is a good way to do it if your schedule can accomodate it.

  2. reminds me of those naps i used to take at the univers. libary that were a life saver for me just 1 hour but it made me feel like a newborn.

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