I worked with Bill for 2 years. I knew him from when i was 13 when he was my official sponser in table tennis.
To say he isn’t wealthy is a joke… The man has been turning over €300 million for the last ten or so years. He owns a house worth a few million, owns the land were all the dealerships are based including Nissan and opel in Liffey Valley, has a spa resort in Wicklow and a 5 star hotel in Kerry. Oh and he is next door neighbours with Tiger woods in Florida!
The man is loaded and as down to earth as you can expect for someone with as much money as he does.. Yeah he is self centred and like the sound of his voice but name a multi millionaire who isn’t… I met Paul Mccartney, who is said to be the most down to earth guy around, and he is but hey he didnt shut up talking about himself