8 reasons to hate cats

I love cats, but not everyone does: 8 Reasons to Hate Cats, 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats, Yet Another 8 Reasons to Hate Cats and finally Hey! There Are 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats. (Look At This…)

Since there are so many cat lovers around here, I thought I’d share this video of an adorable kitten who simply cannot stay awake…

507 thoughts on “8 reasons to hate cats

  1. Been reading Honourable Cat, Cat Short Storys, The Book of Cats, Desmond Morris’s Encyclopedia Of Cats. They certainly have a huge following in the literary world. Those youtube dogs were just playing with us. They were so cute! Hey Skye, dont get a gun please. Friendly fire gonna shoot your buddies. I see you got cat haters in your sites but its not worth it, really. The world is full of assholes. We ALL have an inner asshole, kinda like an inner child. Maybe you just need to find your kind of asshole, and spend more time with them. I do like your honesty, though, it can get you in trouble and spoil your day. It is unfair this site. Its like a stumbling block for people to have pile ups and end to ends, and perverted others to watch them fall into the trap. Can be funny if you dont take it too seriously. I,ve been battling city hall this week as ducks at our local pond are DYING in the hundreds due to botulism. Even the national animal welfare organisation wont touch it, I got a cover story in the local paper which was pretty lame. They die like this EVERY summer and no one does a thing about it. Next time you eat chicken or pork try not to think of the life they had. See, we are all assholes.

  2. I do like cats, but it would be easy to live without them. My main concern with them is their killing habits. People say so what its their instinct but weve bought them into the world in vast numbers and how is the wildlife supposed to cope. Some kill just for the sake of it. I’d rather see 100 extra birds then one cat! I think the irresponsable attitute people have to keeping their cats and letting them kill wildlife is disgusting

    1. lol, see this is what I don’t understand. You’re worried about cats killing wild life? Dogs kill CHILDREN. If you’re going to complain about one…realize the other. Especially if it’s worse. Much worse. Cats kill mice & other disease carrying rodents or insects. Not children. The baby-killing stories have been proven to be myths.

      People are nonsensical.

  3. Cat owners not cats per se are a blight on the plane well ,feed ats continue to kill birds. They neighborhood cats shit in and dig up my garden as i plant it and I’m about at the end of my rope after 10 feet of petunias were dug up last night to make a shit pile. If any of you owners would like to convince me that I shouldn’t kill them on sight you’d better start. DEATH TO THE VERMIN!

  4. Nestor: Word! If dogs did this they’d be rounded up and destroyed by the thousands.

  5. it’s true that most irish people hate cats.
    cats can get put to death in less than 24 hours at the animal home. people poison cats more frequently in ireland. when i tell people that I keep cats, they scrunch their faces up in disgust. Mahatma Ghandi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    Ireland is years behind in their treatment of our feline friends.

  6. Cats are the responsibility of thier owners.The owners of theese pretty animals should be held responsible and not the cat.Pets are a big responsibility and if you are not willing to accept the responsibility of your pet, you should not own a pet.

  7. I fucking hate cats. Everytime I see one I always think of getting a fucking machine gun and go on a cat killing rampage. buhahaha!!!!!!!

  8. Lol I bet dogs and cats think you are all fags for arguing over who is better online. Who gives a shit??? Get a life.

  9. Dear name: If you go around the iternet and look at cat videos you will see various people say cats fucking suck or cats are worthless pets.

    Dogs eat other wild life too…

  10. The Humane Society says to keep cats at home. They live almost 15 years longer. Reading these posts, I see all kinds of reasons to keep them inside. To guardians of other animals, it is maddening to take care of one’s own pet yet a cat can run wild, onto the property of another who does take care of them. It is difficult to not get angry when you have a dog who gets upset by a free running cat, when the dog is confined to a leash, or fence, etc. Small dog guardians keep their dogs inside and pick up their poop, but a cat whose feces is just as big can run free. Cats kill other animals, and while some like that, i.e. keeping mice down, others really respect that life is life and that killing of any kind should be kept to a minimum. If people could not give cats away as easily they might not allow them to breed like rabbits…>if cats had to stay inside, people might think twice before taking them, and then the breeding might slow down…..there are way way too many dogs and cats sitting in jailhouses, shelters, waiting to be adopted, because people will not get responsible with breeding…..

  11. Make a board and CALL it “8 reasons to hate cats.” The people who go around all day on all fours kissing cats’s asses will STILL barge in. They’ll make it their mission in life to bleat and whine about how we must all be Nazis for not kissing cats’s asses too. THEN they get upset about what they see here.

    I swear, they’d rather see a human tortured to death than see a cat’s tail get stepped on accidentally.

    Cats are useless, parasitic, vicious, filthy vermin. They should all be beaten to death, every one of them. Yes, kittens too.

    1. I go with you!!! Cats….they are one load of shit… Mean animals! Wicked ones….rogues…! I hate em cats…hate em hate em hate em!

      1. What the hell is wrong with you? cats are the most BEAUTIFUL, cute animals in the whole world, are you even a girl? coz if you are that is really dissapointing.

    2. you are a sicko, kittens and cats are innocent living creatures just beacause they dont live up to your standards doesn’t mean you have to say they should all get beaten! GO TO HELLL!!!1

  12. i can understand that some people don’t like cats – but do they have to be so mean about it? geesh i hate dogs – but you don’t see me complaining and whining about it.

  13. What good are they ? They stare at you and you know they are up to no good. Use everything for a scratch post. My girlfriend has one and brought it to my house. It went underneath my dining chairs, laid on it’s back and went to town. Tearing all the material with it’s shitty little paws. How cat owers can say I have a clean cat is beyond me. How can they be clean after stooping around in their own shit, then licking their shitty paws, then throwing up on you carpet. Fur balls my ass. It’s puke from licking the shit off their paws. Why do you think it’s brown ? They go in heat and never shut their fucking mouth and then put the tail up like a flag to mark the spot. I guess that’s the only good thing about them. They give you the opportunity to put your foot up their ass.

  14. I have to completely disagree with you I love cats and find them warm and cuddely. You are just a negative person, all things have their bad and good but you chose to look only at the bad. Cats provide me with hours of entertainment and love. They never judge you and they’re always soft and cute.
    I love cats and I even blog about them all the time!

  15. I’m losing my mind. I’m preggers, in third trimester. Father of child brought 1 dog & 1 cat when we moved in together. I love the dog. I’ve never been a cat person, can’t stand most of them – but was ok with this cat until a few weeks ago. She’s one of those extremely friendly cats that act like dogs – plus hairless so no fur & furballs, and doesn’t scratch up everything, and spayed so no meowing like crazy. BUT she’s very stubborn and difficult to train, and disobedient. Jumping on counters and getting into everything, knocking things off counters. Steals food off counters to give to the dog. Still has the predator / sneaky behavior in her, so all the baby stuff is cramped into our bedroom away from her. The idea of her getting into the baby stuff makes me sick with revulsion.

    Lately, her misbehavior completely drives me up the wall, and has me screaming at the top of my lungs. I end up chasing her and putting her into the bathroom (w/litter) to confine her – both for punishment and to keep her safe from me, b/c I’ve been extremely tempted to put her outside – which means we’d prob never see her again. She’d be picked up, run over, or attacked by neighborhood dogs – basically would never survive the wild suburbs we live in.

    I can’t find much online about pregnancy changing one’s attitude towards cats except one woman posting that maternal instincts kick in high-gear. Thinking about her being in the litter and then jumping on our counters makes me sick, and angry. We tried products to keep her off, but nothing’s worked. Need to do something – I’m going crazy!!! Father of child insists dog and cat are paired and would have to go together, but it’d break my heart to see the dog go.

  16. I hate cats. They live in your house and do absolutely nothing. They lick their ass all day long and want absolutely nothing to do with you until they’re hungry. They expect you to clean up their shit and piss while they give you a blank, stupid look.

    A cat drains your money on food and litter and other stupid shit. They depend on you, but act like you can go to hell and they’ll be fine. However, in reality a house cat in the wild is little more than an easy meal! More or less, a cat is like a cheating, gold digging girlfriend.

    For those of you who like cats: awesome…please take them all, because keeping up with incinerating all the cats in the world is not easy.


  17. Chris,

    I went through the same exact thing. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I didn’t mind my boyfriend’s cat. Although I myself have never been a cat person, I got used to her and I was always nice to her. As I got farthur along in my pregnancy, I started despising the cat. We got a dog when I was early in my pregnancy too. I loved the dog, but eventually despised that cat. The thought of that cat in my baby’s room pissed me off, her sneaky ass used to get into the bassinet and crib, and carset and lay there. I hated her. She was a long-haired cat and I would imagine the baby crawling and putting big poop dread lock hairballs in her mouth. Not to mention the worry of me contracting toxoplasmosis, which only cats carry. YUCK! My b.f. had the cat for 10 years, and did not want to get rid of her, we fought constantly. So I put her outside. She was an outdoor cat for about 6 months. I decided to put her back in b/c she was getting bad wounds from possums and or racoons. So I put up with her for another few months. We moved during this time and the cat was only allowed in the basement. She would cry and wake me up all hours of the night. I eventually put an ad out for her, and an old woman that loves cats took her. I would suggest finding her a good home. Place ads on Craig’s List. If you find the cat a good home, your husband will be less inclined to fight with you over it. Trust me, you won’t like that cat anymore than you do now, especially once your baby is born. Do something about it asap. Even if it does mean rehoming the dog. We had to get rid of ours because he bit us and I couldn’t take the chance with 2 babies around a biting dog. It hurts at first but you’ll get over it. Good luck.

    1. the cat probably just hated you, because she sense you have respect for beautiful animals like cats,are you kidding me? you liked the dog more? dogs are dirty, yucky animals, wouldn’t the dog be more trouble for you?

  18. Thanks so much Christina, for your understanding and sharing your experience. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. And thank you for existing, cat-hater’s forum, and for letting me vent. I’ve decided that my hostility towards the cat stems from the nesting instinct that hits pregnant women and makes them obsessively preoccupied with cleanliness – as part of preparing the home for a new addition. I don’t think it’ll go away when the baby’s here, but the explanation makes me feel better and more sane.

    My SO and I got into a fight the night I last posted. He’s not protective of the cat, but he took my venting personally, as veiled complaints that he wasn’t doing enough (cleaning or training). He eventually said he’d get rid of the cat – but wanted to call his ex to offer her first dibs, b/c they’d gotten the cat together. I vetoed the idea based on a pre-pregnancy me-or-your-ex conversation we’d had. I’ll spare everyone details – but ultimately his ‘suggestion’ was very much the equivalent of waving red in front of a bull – a very pregnant and already angry nostrils-flaring hostile mama bull.

    After we both cooled down, he suggested we try a few more products – a motion sensor device that emits a noise only cats can hear, and a shock collar. I’m hesitant about the expense but am willing to try. Some people say that shock collars are inhumane to use on cats, but without one, if she got into the crib like yours (Christina’s) did, someone would have to call peta on me. They make ones that vibrate just enough to startle the animals. He ordered the motion sensor and I want to save up for the collar. I also found an article about training ‘alpha cats’ – by controlling their access to food and affection. I can’t wait for the motion sensor device to arrive. If it works on the counter, we want to try it on the bedroom entry.

    In the meantime, every time the cat hops onto the kitchen counter she gets confined to the bathroom. I left her in there for a prolonged period on Friday, and for the first time enjoyed the freedom of opening our bedroom door. When I let her out, she was ok – until my SO came home, when she proceeded to hop right back onto the counter. I guess she thought he’d insulate her from punishment. He caught her and put her back in confinement. Being pregnant, I visit the bathroom a lot. In the past I used my foot to block her jailbreaks during my entry or exit – it worked 90% of the time. I’ve gotten smarter – a spray air can has a 100% success rate b/c she can’t stand the noise. The rest of that evening was quiet and relaxing, and less stressful.

    It’s so nice feeling like I have a little more control over my domain. Thanks everyone!

  19. I hope you Cat haters are eaten alive by a Tiger….or reincarnated as a mouse. If I caught you harming a cat, or any animal for that matter, I would destroy you.

  20. I hate cats. Im a Vet tech and all the accually veternarians I know all hate cats. they are discusting souless things, they carring so many diseases. If it were my choice I would kill every cat I could and leave some for my dog to kill.

  21. I don’t really understand that whole “hate” thing; to have hate is to live hate, is to be hate; it’s just negative energy no matter how you look at it. Those who hate cats probably hate quite a few things in this world. If you’re going to take it upon yourself to “domesticate” ANY animal, you’d better be ready to take the good with the bad. While I don’t personally own any type of pet, I see nothing wrong with one that craps in it’s own box; an automatic 50 points to the good in my book. I see nothing wrong with a pet that has an independence, a mind of it’s own, or a personality. Hey, I’m wrong all the time so take this lightly, but it seems to me that every “cat hater” I’ve ever met, is the “shoot first, ask questions later”, reckless, mis-calculating, Yosemite Sam type of loose-canon who is simply a liability in every situation.

  22. Fluffy comes in and wants another face massage. Fluffy constantly follows me to the fridge and meows plaintively. Fluffy has an owner but spreads her self around the neighborhood for more and better pickings. Fluffy digs her claws in when I pet her no matter how much i complain or try to educate her. Fluffy follows me around the house. When fluffy is in my house she can never let me be.

    I usually like cats until I actually have one around for awhile.

    Part time is a good time when it comes to pets.

    I will never own a cat or dog again, or keep any caged other pet like a bunny, bird, fish, turtle or hamster thingy.

    Evolve in the new consciousness.

    Show pet ownership for what it really is.


  23. I personally like cats but now im not so sure. i have never lived in a house with a cat i have a wild one that lives out side that we feed but now i dont think i want one in the future lol.

  24. I hate fucking cats, i would gladly stomp on every individual ones heads were lined up for me in a giant row.

  25. Lets take the haters and call them Muslims, and the lovers we could call them Christians, and then the others whom we could call the atheists, and we could have a metaphor for religion.

    Pet shops and magazines could become priests, temples and state intervention…

  26. I hate Humans you are all a bunch of F,N morons,I wish you all dead.I am comming for you.

    1. Ooooh.


      HA! I laugh at you.

      And maybe the world will Notice that your a Major gay Fail 😀

      Go sit in the corner Dumbass you dont scare anyone of them one bit.

  27. Dog Lovers are clueless to who and what defines a ‘cat’, especially the Tough Guy Pitbull lovers. Pound for Pound, a cat is more athletic than a dog.period. want to compare? A housecat is comparative to a yorkie or another small dog breed. But it wouldn’t be fair to compare house cats to all dogs. Pitbull…try a Cougar or a Leopard. Your dog would be toast. A mountain lion, which is in the same sub group species as the domestic housecat, broke into a home, grabbed a 75 pound lab and leaped a 6 foot fence with the dog in its mouth. This was on the news a few months back. No stupid vile pitbull could ever acomplish that. And did I forget to mention Lions and Tigers. All Cats! Dogs are dumb with no backbone. The Leopard, my fave cat, is the most skillful predator on earth, and the most beautiful.
    I own a Persian and a American short hair, and in the works in getting a F2 Savhanna… When I was a kid, me and my cousins used to play hide and seek and ping pong with my grandmas cat. No dumb ass dog can do that. True, cats can be lazy, especially when they get older. It s their feline nature. Lions sleep/rest 20 hours a day, especially after butchering a bunch of wild dogs in the serengeti. Cats rule, that is why the Ancient Egyptians worshipped them. And if Medieval Europe did not kill them, they would have been saved from the plauge.

    1. THREE CHEERS for the fucking piece of shit cougar who was too lazy to be bothered hunting in its own habitat and had break into someone’s home and destroy their pet. Talk about the gangsta trash of the animal world. Even wolves, the ancestors of all domestic dogs which you think are so vile, do not so such things. Cats are such “successful” hunters because they fight dirty.

      It’s too bad it wasn’t MY dog that cougar attacked, because I would have ENTHUSIASTICALLY shot a broad head arrow into its gut and let it lie there in my backyard for three days while it bled out. Then I would have fed it to my dog…..HaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..


        1. Yes, as a matter of fact, people here DO like to listen to my mouth. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here. And those who don’t like to listen should find a different blog for cat lovers instead of hanging around on this one looking for things to criticize the rest of us about. Anyone who knows me knows I am not cruel to animals. But if one of my pets was being attacked, by either a human or another animal, I would do everything in my power to defend it. I wouldn’t apologize to anyone for it, either.

          1. well EXCUSE me nicholle, but you’re the one who is in the wrong, how could you say something like that?

          2. UMMM… to Cailean: People dont come on here because of you, they come on here because they come on here! ok? so shutup.

  28. What perplexes me & is most difficult to understand is how many people who hate cats but love dogs think its acceptable to want to torture cats? Why is it that this is OK, when, if any forum held hundreds of people wanting to torture & eat dogs, they would be chastized & probably eventually shut down because of enthusiastic dog lovers? The torturing of any animal is unacceptable & unneccessary. We should be above this, as humans who are able to differentiate between right & wrong.

    Also, many people complain of cats carrying diseases & killing birds?

    Dogs are known to be very dangerous for children & have caused numerous deaths among them. I was attacked by a dog myself, as a child, & I still do not wish harm on any animal for no reason.

    Yes, many dogs can serve a good purpose if properly trained but the reality is many are not.

    In conclusion, you people may have minor annoyances with the cat, but the dog poses an actual real threat & should be seen as just what the cat is as well, an animal. To be respected, but within guidelines.

    Plus cats are cute & don’t bother me with barking or the need of constant attention. I have more important things to do, you know, with humans, then spend hours training an animal to NOT be it’s natural self (annoying & dangerous).

    Go Cats! = ] OK Dogs (I like the lazy ones!)

  29. please guys stop this fight,all animals is special and they all have got the feeling,i love all animals i don’t care if they smell bad or they leave fur,and all animal deserve to live and if you hate them just leave them alone don’t hit them by car imagine if your pet would get hit by car by some dog hater or cat hater.

    remember you can hate them but don’t hurt them you can end up in jail for animal cruelty.

    thank you for reading.

  30. I cant miss opportunity to kick cat like a football ball. I also encourage my dog to attack those disgusting animals.

    1. I feed my Mountain Cat Dogs all the time. Watching a feline rip a stupid smelly dog to shreds makes my day.

      Dogs have no backbone and are submissive cowards.

        1. You know, maybe everyone on here needs to get a life P.S. hope I dont get reported for the swearing or name calling yes im sorry for the name calling, mike and cats are vermin.

      1. Dogs are NOT Cowards!

        they do too have a backbone.

        The save Peoples Lives, and are good pets.

        you sir are just a Fag. Mhhhhmmmm.

  31. To all Cat Lovers on this site who think your cats are so fucking great:

    My sister-in-law has two sibling cats that she adopted as kittens two years ago. These two animals have the Life of Reilly. Never want for anything or had to wish for anything. Well, three weeks ago, my sister-in-law was doing laundry and found the wash machine filled with cat piss and shit. These two ungrateful little fucks live the sweet life for two years and then all the sudden decide to start pissing and shitting in her washing machine. They both deserve to be drowned in that fucking washing machine. You name name a dog who does something like that, I’ll name you a liar.

    I hope you all come home one afternoon to find your washing machines full of piss and shit. HaHaaaaaaaaaaa!

  32. Are most of you nuts!! I have had a total of three cats. The first one lived 19 years and was an indoor outdoor cat. By that I mean she was let out for maybe up to an hour most days. She loved it and I would have felt awful to have taken that time away from her. I have two now, one of which is a 25 lb Maine coon and a little bitty 6 lb cat. They are adorable and full of love. Many times i know that they understand what i am saying to them. They are extremely well behaved and both were cats that had been thrown away. They appreciate everything we do for them, they are just honestly a joy to have around. When they are outside and I call them they come every time. It makes me sick that there are so many people that hate cats, would kill them without thinking twice, it also scares me about letting them out. I had no idea that there actually people in this world that felt this way. Sure some people don’t like them and would not want one in their house but they don’t hate them either and would never hurt them.
    All i can say is I would not want to meet any of you in a dark alley, you sound very scary and dangerous to me that’s for sure. Wehad decided to get a cat fence so that they can not get out of our yard, we have a very large beautiful lot with lots of tress for them. Then i don’t have to worry about people like some of you catching them and hurting or killing them.
    People like you need help for sure.

  33. To Mike and Fucking cats are vermin you two are fucking sick peices of shit, you are sick person woho should beaten to death yoyself, your comment made me boiling with anger, cats are beautiful, fun, clean and cute animal anf they deserve more respect, i hope you stumble across some crazy cat lover and they beat the shit out of you two sickos, cats are gorgeous animal especially kittens, and they deserve MORE respect from the world, as they are wonderful animalss Mike and Cats are vermin, you need to get a life, i bet you have NO decent friends, you horrible person.

  34. Everyone of you who made nasty and FUCKING SICK commets should get over them selves and get help, you are a future animal cruelty, fucking sicko, and noone likes you, ur gonna a sad fat old shit, with no friends. especially THE TITLE NAME “ME”

  35. How could you get angry over cats hunting mice and birds? when human hunters have killed millions of birds, mice and bugs! what hypocrites, so it’s allright when humans hunt animals, and it’s not when another animal hunts an animal based on it’s instinct? some people are soo stupid! the wrld is becoming soo sick when people are killing animals and humans just for fun, who have been friends for a long time, cant we be civil? everyday i look on the news and there is something terrible done by some sicko with no dignity and a small **** or a wimpy coward who’s beaten up an animal, cild, women or even a man just for fun out of there sick tiny f-ing brain, im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cick of this sick world and the sicko people in it, what have men done? i WISH there was a woman leader. Oh and by the way, sorry for the swearing it’s just soe of the sick comments made, made me angry and shocked and DISGUSTED.

  36. Sorry to Niholle I guess I was a little harsh, I got the wrong impression of you, but I believe if you take the time to love a cat you would be very suprised at how loveable they can be! Trust me! they are cute, furry, cuddly, fun, playful loveable, smart animals and I bet anyone on this site could learn to love a cat if they try and realize a cats good points. Cats dont deserve to be hated because they are naughty! But I think the people on this site need to show a little more respect for these animals, as they are wonderful creatures and they ALL have different personalities! it’s quite silly to claim you hate cats because of this “ONE CAT” you despise. My cat is seriously like a dog, she is very naughty, soo naughty it’s cute! one time we got home and caught her walking on the bench sticking her fluffy little head into the bread packet (OMG!!!! GROSS)we got really angry, but we still love her because she loves us back, as I was saying, she is like a dog! she chased her tail once, just like a dog! no kidding (I’m being serious) and she has got dog-like traits, she even has the dirty trait of a dog, she sometimes smells, but she manages not to get TOO dirty, she is VERY crazy, she is very intelligent (Not gonna get too detailed about that) And dogs seem strangely empathetic…. after my cat that we had for 10 years got killed by the neighbours TWO dogs, it has pulled my likeings down for dogs, but I know that not ALL dogs I like that and I still like dogs and respect them, because you know, everyone, even animals make mistakes it’s a part of being “ALIVE” I have learnt to respect our furry friends and our scaly friends, because in a way they are just like us, but less smarter, they are like ALIENS to us, but if we saw aliens we wouldn’t just kill them, at least not before we know what going on, for all of you jerks who said “I wish cats were all dead” I feel sorry for you, because you are missing out on such beautiful creatures, I hope someday you can learn how to love living things that aren’t up to your standards, cats are naughty, but you know what i find it adorable! The best thing to do when your cat has done something naughty but hilarious, just laugh about, because in a way, pets are like little toddlars that have moved to the house! and we all know toddlars can really annoy some people with there NAUGHTY habbits but we dont hate them, because we know they made a “Mistake”

      1. I am actually a cat lover, but I can see why people dont like cats, My cat has been soo annoying lately (but she is usually a great cat) and has had a sudden increase of appetite and the only thing going through her head is food food food food, lol. She doesn’t even want to know me anymore 🙁 But hopefully she’ll slow down. Nicholle I can understand what you’re going through cats can be EXTREMELY hard to handle sometimes, my cat has fleas and she cant be kept inside because im sooo sick of the litter box, She scratches, and then flicks her fleas onto my BED!! It’s driving my family insane!! But it’s not her fault she has fleas it’s our fault and my fault.

  37. To everyone on this site: sorry I have been a bit annoying but I hate people who talk about being cruel to animals.

  38. I am confused between Cailean and Nicholle I dont understand why they’ve got the same picture…????…..unless…they’re the same people. Who cares anyway, but still tell me if you know.

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