8 reasons to hate cats

I love cats, but not everyone does: 8 Reasons to Hate Cats, 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats, Yet Another 8 Reasons to Hate Cats and finally Hey! There Are 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats. (Look At This…)

Since there are so many cat lovers around here, I thought I’d share this video of an adorable kitten who simply cannot stay awake…

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A good way to break the cats of going on your countertops is to spray them with water whenever you see them up there. Cats don’t like water.

First of all, I am curious to know why it is that your boyfriend and his (as you put it, Lazy) father are both living in your house to begin with. That in and of itself sounds like a problem that needs to be addressed, first of all. Whatever the reason, I would have a good talk with your boyfriend and his father about this situation. Don’t get confrontational and flustered, like you were (understandably) in the blog, because they will not listen if you do, and may get defensive. And nothing will get done if this happens.

Secondly, there is no excuse — Zero, Zilch, nada — for these animals to be allowed to destroy YOUR house. Tactfully remind your boyfriend and his father of how generous you are being by letting them live there, and that you don’t mind helping them out, but that, for the sake of everyone’s health and welfare, there needs to be ground rules concerning the animals. It is your house after all.

It may be that the cats will need to be confined to one room only, preferably one without a carpet or upholstered furniture. You can put a litterbox in the room with them and food and water, and even provide them with some toys and a cat condo (at your boyfriend and his father’s expense, of course). They can come out for supervised playtime, or your boyfriend can spend time with them in the room. This way they can have their own space and not be able to destroy your hard-earned belongings.

This is just a suggestion, but talk it over with your boyfriend and his dad. There is no excuse for what is going on in your house right now. You need to take a stand and draw the line. And if your two new tenants are not willing to compromise with you, that means that they don’t respect you. In which case I suggest you give serious consideration to whether or not they should be benefiting from your kindness at all. And what you choose to do at that point is up to you. But personally, I could not have a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect me.

If you read a few blogs up, I posted a story similar to yours back in April 2007. My husband at the time felt his cat should have unlimited access to our bedroom, even though she was waking me up at night. I have fibromyalgia and it is very important that I am allowed to sleep through the night uninterrupted, or else I cannot function the next day. Well one, morning, after that cat had woken me up at 2:30 a.m. that night, I was exhausted and in a lot of pain because I didn’t get enough sleep that night and I got confrontational with my husband and I took it it out on the cat. My husband told me he didn’t want to hear it and that I was being cold and spiteful. I was so angry and sick that morning I was ready to tell him get the fuck out and take the fucking cat with him. Instead of doing that, though, I came home from work (I had to leave early becuase I couldn’t stay awake and I almost lost my job over it), I put my anger aside for a half-hour I wrote him a letter, explaining to him why it was so important to keep the cat out of the room at night, and asking him to give his rationale for why he though she should be allowed in. Turned out he had none. He was just being ridiculous and he had no justification for it. And he agreed that we should keep the cat out of the bedroom at night.

Writing a letter helps a lot because we are able to think before we put down the words we want to say, and if something doesn’t sound right to us, we can fix it before it gets to the person we are trying to get a message to, minimizing the possibility of irreparable harm to the relationship. When you speak, you can say stuff you might regret later, and there is nothign you can do to take it back .

Anyway, I hope this is somewhat helpful to you. Let me know, if you would, how things work out. Best of luck to you.


Wow…this just proves that people need lives. I mean, seriously, why the fuck would someone want to bring harm to an animal that has no means of defending itself against your sociopathic ass… Were your childhoods THAT fucked up? Evidently, they were because you’re all just a bunch of Nazis. “I HATE ALL CATS”, “KILL ALL CATS’, “IM GOING TO KILL THESE CATS” Just a bunch of fucking Nazis. And whoever decides that they take comfort from reading little stories about how bad cats are, should do everyone a favor and simply kill themself. You know whats’ disgusting? Not a cat. A site where a bunch of adolescents vent thier anger on an animal. And to the people who actually stick up for cats, keep at it. P.s CATS OWN JOO.

T. Nero: Kill myself? Because I don’t like cats? Who is it that *really* had the fucked up childhood here? I should laugh myself sick (wait a minute, I already did).

I never on this blog have said anything about wanting to kill any animal. Nor do I take comfort or joy in reading about people who do. I just like to do a little harmless venting about them because it’s fun and amusing. Haven’t you ever heard of catharsis?…Oh, wait probably not. That would have to mean you are educated, and since you believe people who hate cats should kill themselves, that strikes you from that equation.

Hm…I can imagine the news headine in my hometown if I decided to kill myself for not liking cats:

“Nicholle, Beloved wife and daughter, respected educator and published author (well of course I am not going to tell you my last name) dead at age 30 of apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. A middle school language arts teacher and per diem college professor, she dedicated her life to helping children and advocating for those with special needs. However, she decided to cut that life short when she realized the illusion of her true-self worth. After admitting to the world that she hates cats, she realized how useless she really was to all those who depended on her, and resigned herself to the fact that unless one loves cats, they can make no true difference in the world and must remove themselves from it. So, as a favor to the world, especially to those who love cats, she blew her brains out.”

Sounds just a little fucking ridiculous don’t you think?

And no, my cat doesn’t own me, either. About all she owns is the foot up her ass if she wakes me up at night (that last part was a joke. since I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to figure that out on your own, I wanted to spell it out).

you are pissing me off NICHOOLLLE go back to your little hubby leave us ALONE anyone who says such things about a cat has problems i bet you would HATE to have a dog! cats are NOT worthless you sick sociopaths there the most beautiful animals in the world, anyone who wants to hurt a cat really badly should be locked up in a lions cage…….with a lion so it can return the favour.

This Nicholle women is really immature, i mean you have a husband, and you go on little sites this? WTF can you just get over yourself and stop mentioning how much you hate your INNOCENT LIVING CREATURE cat wee get it already! get a life, im only 15 and live with my parents, and if i got a chance to be free like you and have a life (not like you) i would take it. so get of your fucking computer and stop exercising your hands, fucking hell!!!!!

Thor if you like cats (ewww) then why are you on a cat hating website? By the way in general the Irish do have a bad luck superstition toward cats. I spent 1/2 my life in Ireland, I know. I wasnt asking your ignorant opinion, Only people I have things in common with which is why this website exsists,
go on a cat loving (ewww) website if you want to be heard.

I fucking hate negligent people…….I am so fucking fed up! In the 10 years I’ve lived here I’ve had to kill at least ten fucking “sweet kitty cats”. BB gun, pellet gun, and even a .22 once! There is no end to STUPID fucking people that deserve to bury their fucking cat! Every screen in my fucking house has at least one hole in it! I AM A CONSIDERATE NEIGHBOR…MY ANIMALS ARE LEASHED OR KEPT INSIDE!!!! When I buy a fucking $40,000 convertible and find fucking scratches and paw prints all over because YOU are not a responsible pet owner I get very PISSED OFF. Problem is you let it out at night so nobody knows exactly who the fucking prick is!!! If I do find you I hope you have kids……..cause I might stuff the next little lifeless family pet in YOUR Fucking mailbox for little Tommy or Suzy to find……… ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!

Animal control is a Fucking joke!
I’ve tried live traps…..useless!!!!
I’ve tried anti-freeze……cats are to damn finicky!!!
I need a sure fire, fast acting, easily obtainable poison so I don’t inadvertantly hit someone with a stray bullet.

Damnit Man! I DONT LIKE KILLING!!! But your cat isn’t worth 40 grand to me ASSHOLE!!!!

Fellow animal lovers…… us all a favor!!
Show your animal you truly do love them…….don’t just throw them outside and make them EVERYONES problem!!!

do you really kill cats? what a sicko, if you do im gonna hunt you down (joking)if your just exagerating, i’ll leave you alone, but just know that your gonna pay in the end if you have a killed animals.

The only good kitty is a bonzi kitty theres a cool website called bonsy kitten its a kitty you stick in a bottle and feed it with a tube and when the cats head takes shape of the bottle as it grows cool a sqare headed cat ar whatever shape bottle you can find gatta check it out lol

Hey. We moved into a new house and I had to have my pitbull put down because he snapped at me, then at my husband about a week later 🙁 So now that cat of my husband’s thinks she rules the place..which sucks. We have an 8 mo. old & I am 6 mo. pregnant. I got sick of her shit hair balls all over the house, especially now that my girl is starting to crawl, so I keep her in the basement. Every night, all night long she sits in the area right under our rooom & gives a miserable cry. It keeps me up all night long. So I have to go down there & see what the fuck she’s crying for. She’s got food, water, a pet bed, and a litterbox. My point is that she’s been laying in her litterbox, on top of mounds of shit, instead of laying in her pet bed..I am afraid of even going down there, because of toxoplasmosis. I wear a mask, gloves & slippers that I remove before coming back upstairs. My husband doesn’t bother with her. He hasn’t even went down there in days. Cats are clean animals, I thought was the claim? They’re discusting in my experience..What other animal carries a disease that can kill or deform a fetus? And we intelligent people choose to keep these as house pets? Are we that stupid? Also, my friend’s 2 y/o daughter always came home with a 103 degree fever after being babysat by her aunt..after a few times of that happening, they finally figured out it;s because of the cats at that house. They had been scratching her, and the bacteria (shit) under thier nails were making the baby sick. I guess it’s called cat scratch fever..GROSS

we have a cat who is “s-l-o”. she is always doing one of five things: eating, sleeping on my pillow, shitting somewhere other than the litterbox, peeing somewhere other than the litterbox, or just generally making the most foul stench known to humankind. i love her. i really do. but i would like to wake up in the morning and not have her. right now she has diarrhea (because God has smitten me). the other night she crawled up on my chest while i was watching tv. she turned her butt to my face (as usual) and sat down (as usual). i ended up with diarrhea in my mouth. i was afraid of her anus, so i locked her in a room with a bed, water and a litterbox. the next morning, i awoke to find the floor of said room covered in roughly 25 small piles of diarrhea. after cleaning that up, i was even more afraid of her anus. right now, i just want to her to be normal (which isn’t any picnic, but it’s better than this). i will take her to the vet tomorrow. she must have sensed it, because she just peed all over the blanket the dog was laying on AS A REPLACEMENT FOR THE DOG BED SHE SHAT ON. i can’t even keep up with her bodily functions. i feel oppressed by her excrement. i am NEVER getting another cat and if there were a retirement village for cats, i would gladly pay for a room for both of our felines.



unfortunately people loves them for a couple of years and then dump them, creating a big problem.

Think twice before saying “you love” cats and you will take care of them forever…
…. SURE!

Brandy You should not wish death on a person in behalf of a “cute kitty” That shows how stupid you are.

And everyone else that thinks the same. So I guess she is a total vegetarian because must probably thinks chicks are so cute to eat, and also cows…. aha… SURE.



1.) Cat’s have got to be one of the most intelligent creatures out there. You can teach them the same tricks as a dog, and more, they can open doors, flush and use toilets, recognize words, and more. It’s people, on the otherhand, who are too stupid to recognize this. Thanks cats, for making us people look bad.

2.) If you hurt a person who shot a cat, you get arrested. I know from experience!

3.) When you’re doing homework, paying bills, writing letters, other important things like that their “independancy” causes them to leave you alone and not bother you whatsoever. So that means, no procrastination.

4.) They’re cute, fuzzy, and warm. Like living teddy bears. And they love you uncondionally. I HATE THAT! Don’t you hate it when something loves you??

5.) They’re clean, unless you don’t look after them properly. And who wants to take the time to feed an animal proper food and water, or clean it’s litter box and groom it? Not me, certainly! Because it’s not like it only takes a few minuites and a few bucks or anything!

6.) Cat owners are the nicest, funniest people, and you know they have compassion. Not everyone who owns a cat is a crazy cat lady who speaks to it in baby language. And personally, I find men that own cats sexy. Damn you cats!

7.) Cat haters are unintelligent, cowardly, pathetic losers. They’re hating is a sure sign that you should never get involved with them whatsoever, because of their hateful and unfunny personas. Damn! And that cat hating guy over there was so cute.

and finally, the number 8 Reason why I hate cats:

8.) Friends come, friends go, lovers come, lovers go, but the impact that your cat has on your soul, this little fuzzy four legged creature, lasts with you forever. (Of course, an update to an old quote, but I think it’s been altered perfectly!)
And forever is a long fucking time. Thanks alot, cats.

-End Sarcasm Rant. You pathetic cat hating losers probably didn’t get this far anyway, with you limited intelligence-

I Cant stand my fucking cat. I have had lots of cats over the years and none of them are as stupid as this little bitch. She throws up everywhere, all the fucking time. Pisses on all of my fucking stuff!!!! Scratches the Fucking couch!!!! If it wasnt for my cat loving girlfriend I would of put a noose on its neck and threw it over the balcony long time ago!! I just want to beat it and smash its little head in with my bare hands. Hold it by its back legs and swing it in the air and crack its head on the countertop. Or maybe just strangle the fucking life out of it. Now I am not a cat hater…… I love my big old tom cat on the farm who gets treated like a member of our family and would never ever dream of hurting him. This cat is just the pet of Satan and its only purpose in life is to push me to the edge! I am a farm kid so naturally I want to shoot it, but for the sake of my girlfriend I will try to find a home for it.

I am a bit worried for your girlfriend if you dont hate cats WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SAY THAT!!!!! ABOUT YOUR CAT, THAT IS SICK.

I hate cats too, and so does my dog. In fact most dog breeds hate cats, but our dogs put up with cats because we tell them to!

Best way to hate a cat is to love a dog. Great post. Thanks for sharing with us. Sincerely,
John Adams

UPDATE!!! I found someone to take my cat. Hopefully they will have better luck with her. Some cats are just no good indoors and there is nothing you can do about it. Plain and simple.

why would you hat a cat because of that???? wtf OK HEARS THE THRUTH CATS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CLEANER THAN DOGS!!!

Well said Skye, a very admirable defence of the little fuckers. I like some cats. a Burmese moved in 3 doors up, such a lovely well breed companion cat. But Ziggy the tom across the road still runs for cover when he sees me. Many famous well known people have owned cats, and many ignorant losers too. Wheres Nicholle? Happy new year!

i can see why people hate cats though. they get a bad impression from just ONE cat and assume theyre all horrible. i remember my brothners cat was a horrible nasty little fucker who i just wanted to boot to the moon. godddd i never thought i’d hate a cat so much. but i have a cat now whos so great. shes cute and sweet and always ready for cuddles. but my brothers cat; fuck. its not the cats fault. its my brothers wifes fault. i hate when people dont take the time to train their pets. dogs, too. pit bulls get a bad rep for apparently attacking and killing people, but im sure every breed has some faults. i love pit bulls 🙁

first plp hurt or even more hurtful things to cat becuase they are smaller and cant really tear off ur arm dogs can tho thats why u would find more cats at a pound cats can some times just be born bad are dip shits do stuff to them which makes them mad and cant trust no one. One of this posts said that they put a cat down stairs with every a cat box food and water……u cant do taht they need big space like a house and she said that it cryed hmmmm maybe because it wanted love then she said it got her baby sick…….hmmm maybe u need to go to a vet and get ur cat a check up or a spa treatment. cats like high places like a fridge or counter top their not aloud up there so get them put them down and smack the highny lightly not hard or with anything hard just a little tap and say no! plp hate cats mostly becuase of a bad first impression like they get clawed…..if u yelled at it or corned it and yelled or hit it continously then ur a fucking douche who should burn in hell. why would u even do that to a cat… “i dont know” get ur head fixed damn man. most cats can be mad because they can. leave it alone for a while like a day or 2 let it get use to u and ur house but if it poops in the same spot then put a box over it and spray some scented mist then it should stop because cats poop where there scent is plus if u dont clean the litter box then they do it every where i have 5 cats and none of them claw me for no reason. some cats can get agressive for no reason and i dont know why. my cat pumpkin will get on ur lap and make bread or give u a little massage but pumpkin does it hard so u just say no she cant help it tho.

i saw some videos of a cat on some drug it made it like it had torets and would die i almost cryed then before that i saw a commercial on adult swim with master shake putting a CUTE kitten in the microwave and then its head exploded i wanted to sue the show. i had a cat called tiger and he died by a car but his body didnt get torn up his body did even seem it was hit but thank god he wasnt i wish i could see tiger i loved him so much. i wish plp would get the death penalty for animal cruelty but that will never happen. cats are a really good house pet so if u have any questions then pls ask me

i totally agree, i love cats and dont mind dogs but that’ll change once i get one (coz i’ve never had a dod before) and the world is becoming soo sick, people who do really sick things to animals should be forced to fight with 3 lions in bloodsport (sorry if that was a bit extreme) i also care about humans though rapists should get fucking raped themselves!!!!!

I wouldn’t say I hate cats – I don’t hate any animal – but I don’t get anything out of them.

They don’t ‘give’ much, as unlike dogs, they are not pack animals – they are desigded to be more selfish, so hardly their fault if they act that way.

In responce to Wicker; That is not true.

It’s great that you dont hate any animal 🙂 Believe it or not, animals are far superior to humans and they play a major role in our environment. anyway

You CAN get something out of cats. they are not all the same, just like dogs arent the same. some cats are very affectionate and dog-like. they will follow you around, look for love and affection like dogs and do tricks like dogs too. it depends on how it was raised, and how much love it was shown as a kitten. just like some dogs are more aggresive than others, and dont take to kindly to people except for one. its not their fault if they act a certain way, theyre domesticated. you can change their personality depending on how much time you put into socialising with them. when i first saw my cat at the SPCA she was very unsocial, skittish, and scared of everyone and always hid. it took me a while but i eventually got her accustomed to people, and she soon became affectionate and outgoing. people underestimate cats intelligence and affection. theyre just like dogs, really. it just takes time and paitence, like with a puppy. but of course theyre not the same cause theyre 2 different animals…

Cats are valued by us for its companionship and its ability to hunt rodents, etc. They play their rightful role in the game of life!

OMG What a pathetic converstaion,how about we all discuss cat rape to reflect your inferior mentality..LOL

In response to Skye’s Sarcasm Rant (don’t take this personal, Skye. I’m here purely for fun, and though I don’t like cats, I’d never hurt one). Hopefully cat lovers will agree with me.

1) Cats are one of the most intelligent creatures out there. They vomit on your rug, shred your furniture, destroy your mini-blinds and wake you up at 2:30 in the morning, 4 hours before you actually have to be up for work, so you can spend the rest of the day in a zombie-state. This way you can be fired from the job you work at 5 days a week and not be able to buy them food anymore.
2) If you scream at teh person who let the cat into your room at 2:30 in the morning, you might wind up in a bitter feud that lasts 2 days (I know from personal experience).
3) When you’re doing homework, paying bills, writing letters, other important things like that their selfish, self-centered attitude causes them to climb up onto the computer keyboard, slobber on it and any adjacent paperwork and completely fuck up the document you are working on. So that means, ten times as much work with one-fourth as much productivity.
4.) They’re cute, fuzzy, and warm. But so are dogs and guinea pigs. And dogs and guinea pigs don’t hiss at you.
5.) They’re clean, I’ll give them that. Feeding them, though, is a waste of time, because they vomit it up anyway, but only on the carpet or another fabric surface that will take you 45 minutes to clean out.

6.) Cat owners think cats are the next best thing to having an orgasm and have compassion only for cats and others like themselves. To them, no cat can do any wrong in this world. THey live in a state of erotic bliss that leaves them oblivious to the shredded couch arms and decimated carpets that litter their homes. This obliviion is most likely the result of getting 30 minutes of sleep per week as a result of being awakened 17 times a night by their cats. And personally, I find men who are into cats are into them because they, like cats, expect the world to turn on their whim. Damn you cats!

7.) Cat haters are unintelligent, cowardly, pathetic losers? Well, I personally have a Master’s Degree, am a published author and am a member of two international honor societies. What was that again?

8.) Friends come, friends go, lovers come, lovers go, but the impact that your cat has on your soul, this little fuzzy four legged creature, lasts with you forever. I won’t argue with this.

Keep on loving your cats and I’ll keep disliking them….lol!

In response to Nicholle~

1) So what if cats vomit on your rug? Dogs drool and piss on your floors. Rodents shit and piss all over the place, and on your hand. Every animal has mess problems. So therefore that statement justifies nothing. They shred your furniture? Buy a freakin cat post! Destroy your mini-blinds? Spray em with water, that usually stops them. Raise your voice, clap your hands. Its called training. You do that to a dog, right? DOGS EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS. Wake you up? Close your door!

2) Get a new room mate! 😛

3) Hmmm heres a hint. Throw them OFF your work space and get back to work, you lazy bum! >:O

4.) Dogs drool, bark, bite with their huge jaws, whine, whimper, eat everything, make huge messes, and eat a lot. Guinea pigs piss and shit all over the place, has little scratchy claws, and run away when you try to put them back in their cages.

5.) They dont usually vomit up unless you over feed them or give them something their allergic too 😛 Or unless they have hair balls! Or unless you fed them milk =/

6.) LOL Cat owners dont think cats are the next best thing to having an orgasm 😛 thats stupid. And if anyone out there REALLY feels like that, then theyre usually lonely, scary freaky crazy cat ladies who no one likes. Because they only like their cats. And the only people who like them is their cats. At least those freaks have friends =D AND ITS CUTE WHEN GUYS LIKE CATS YOU FOOL!

7.) It doesnt matter what type of education you have, you could be a rocket scientist for all i care. That doesnt justify hatred towards any animal, including cats.

8.) Hahahahahahahaha!


PS I like rodents too. speaking of cats heres a vid of a cat, rat, and dog riding eachothers backs…

pps: i like dogs and guinea pigs but everything in this world has both a positive and negative side to it :/

Cats are not good companions to humans, in comparison to dogs. And I personally see cats as I see rodents. They really have no use for me, & I can’t see why anyone likes them. I was finally able to rehome my husband’s 10 year old cat. I am really happy about that. My mom always walked through my door when we had the cat, & the first thing she’d say is that the house stinks like cat. This cat had the worst smelling shit in the entire world..The ladies that came to get the cat were older, living on social security. They seemd like nice people, but definetly were “cat ladies” They had cat sweaters on. The one woman informed me that instead of using litter, she lets her cat piss & shit on an old towel then she simply rinses it out..and she was going to attempt to get our 10 year old cat to do the same. I don’t see her doing that. Can you imagine the stench in that woman’s condo? They brought me a photo album book of all their cats they’ve ever owned, and I had to sit there and act amused and ohh & ahh over these pictures! Well, it was worth it, my house is now shit and hairball free! I don’t care if anyone else likes cats, but I don’t want them in my house, around my babies. From my experience the cat we did have got shit stuck to her hair (she has long hair) and it would fall off on the floor. She was to the point she wouldn’t bother licking herself anymore, and she’d get nasty dredlocks. I brought her out of the basement once to show my 10 month old, and she hissed at my baby. What a cunt. Cats hiss at their own owners sometimes for no reason. My husband was brusing her and she hissed and bit his hand. And she’s done that to me as well. The difference is that he thinks it’s funny, and I get pissed and hit her in the head w/ the brush. If you want to sit there and talk shit about dogs, you got to think of all the things dogs are good for in comparison to worthless cats. Here, I’ll list some: It’s long, because dogs are so useful in so many ways to humans. Service dogs:
they help those with disabilities in a variety of ways. They can turn on lights, open doors, retrieve medication, and even call 911. Service dogs are trained to meet the individual needs of the person who is adopting them.
Therapy Dogs:
These dogs work in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, juvenile detention centers and other institutions where they help people learn to cope. They lift spirits who are afraid, depressed and lonely. They bring cheer, comfort and motivation to those who seem to have lost hope. Some dogs visit these facilities with their owners, while others live there and are cared for by staff members. These dogs need no special training except basic obedience skills. They must be mild tempered, loving and able to perform well in society. Through the years some miraculous stories have been told about therapy dogs. In one instance, an elderly woman who hadn’t spoken in years began talking again when she was introduced to a border collie. Why? Because she was grieving for the border collies that had always been a part of her life. Hearing Dogs:
The job of hearing dogs is to assist the deaf in leading a normal life. These dogs alert their owner to the ringing of the doorbell and telephone, the beeping of a smoke alarm, passing traffic, alarm clocks and the approach of people. They must be professionally trained at a hearing dog training facility for a minimum of ninety days. Most hearing dogs are mixed breeds that have been rescued from animal shelters. They give their owners a high quality of life.
Guide Dogs: These dogs assist the visually impaired to lead a more normal life. They are specifically trained to protect their owners at all costs. They guide their owners around obstacles, across streets and keep them away from danger. Guide dogs are usually larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Other breeds can be guide dogs, but have to be intelligent, calm in temperament and have a good work ethic. These dogs must be trained at a professional dog guide facility where the owner works with the dog for several weeks before it is adopted
Hearing dogs are identifiable by their orange collars.
Assistance Dogs:
Assistance dogs are trained to assist people who have physical or seizure related disabilities. They provide specific services to their handlers and give their lives a sense of freedom and independence that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have. These dogs have to be sensitive and intelligent. Assistance dogs that have been adopted by those with seizure related disabilities can sense a seizure coming on before it hits. They then alert their owner and are able to keep him safe.
Dogs and Sports:
Dogs participate in many sports related events, the most prevalent being different types of racing. In the early 1800s, Greyhounds were bred in England for the specific purpose of racing. Sled dogs, such as the Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky, were used by native peoples to haul goods in the polar regions of the world. Today dogsled races take part in northern regions world wide.
Show Dogs:
For centuries, dogs have participated in side attractions, such as circuses and not in competitive shows. Today, dog shows are very popular. Today, these competitions are usually held by national kennel clubs, but some shows are put on to show off a dog’s skills. These include obstacle courses, catching Frisbees, jumping and more.
Herding Dogs:
Dogs have been used for herding livestock for hundreds of years. Farmers often send their dogs to bring in the cows from the pasture at milking time. These dogs are able to perform this task without help from their owners. Border collies use a nasty stare to assert dominance over livestock. There are two types of herding dogs; British and Continental.
Livestock Guardians:
These dogs were originally bred in Europe and Asia. Their job is to protect livestock. They stay with their herd at all times and guard it from predators. Livestock guardians need no human assistance to perform the tasks expected of them. Breeds of livestock guardians are Great Pyrenees, Komondor, and Anatolian Shepherds to name a few.
Police Dogs:
These dogs perform specific tasks and they are irreplaceable in crime fighting methods. They assist police officers in apprehending criminals, drug busts, bomb scares and arson cases. Their sense of smell must be impeccable and their hearing excellent. These dogs are highly trained by specialists to perform police duties. Police dogs are able to perform in all situations and not become disoriented by distractions such as gun shots, loud noises and crowds. These dogs are invaluable to their handlers and more than once have saved the lives of those they work with. Most police dogs live with their masters and stay at his side twenty-four hours a day.

Search and Rescue Dogs:
These dogs are trained to search out and rescue missing people. They rely on their excellent sense of smell and their great physical abilities. They are able to stay focused in the midst of chaotic conditions after floods and earthquakes, volcanoes and other types of environmental disasters.
Military Dogs:
The role of military dogs are many and their services invaluable. Used through the ages for various military duties, today their role is more defined. They are assigned where they can be of great service. The duties of military dogs include sentry duty, the transporting of messages, sniffing out mines, scout and patrol duties, tunnel exploration (these dogs were used in Vietnam), casualty search, and the detection of explosive devices.
K-9 military dogs have save thousands of lives of those men and women who serve their country. Some dogs have been presented medals for their service.

I got that from a website obviously. But in addition to all of that there are fire assistance dogs, sled dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, drug sniffing dogs, dogs used in hunting. I could probably do another search & find more. Not to mention the dog that will kill someone trying to break into your home to hurt your family. I love dogs because they are pack animals, and they actually see themselve’s as a member of your family. A cat has no feelings like that. Ever..But, like I said if you like cats that’s great..I personally just can’t understand it. Can you imagine an animal smart enough to sense when thier owner is about to have a seizure, or has a cancerous tumor in their body? Dogs can do that. Dogs are so great.

In respionce to “love pitbulls”

It’s all a matter of preferance, really. I love both dogs and cats. Pitbulls too, theyre so cute. BUT to say that cats are not good companions to humans is NOT true, and I can sincerely say that I’m 100% a cat person. Dogs are better at guarding your house though, but personality wise they’re both the same. What about dogs that maul other animals and children? And Pit Bulls, sorry to say it, have a high reputation for that. My cat always follows me around, always sits by me, sleeps with me at night, and wakes up with me in the morning. She is a GREAT companion, and I KNOW she loves me. All animals share some sort of bond with humans.

10 is really old. That’s like, a senior cat. I’d like to see your senior dog not smell. Maybe if you looked after the cat properly it wouldn’t have stank.

Lol! Cat sweaters! 😛 Thats really disgusting. I don’t like people like that, and believe me, not ALL cat people are like that. You poor person 😛

Some people just arent cat people, and I understand that. You dont need to own a cat then. If you had taken the initiative to brush and wash her then she’d have been just fine. Don’t you do that exact same thign to babies when they shit their diapers? I can see why it wouldnt bother licking itself anymore. The LEAST you couldve done was take it to a humane shelter. Cats dont hiss unless theyre scared or angry. So your baby, with its lous squeels and tail pulling capabilities probably scared the cat. I’ll give you that one, my cat hates being brushed too lol! My sisters dog does too, though. She’ll bark and bite at the brush and end up eating the brush if she finds it. I once caught her chewing on it, lol. It was so annoying! She ate everything in sight. Ugghh, how I hated that dog. And she’d roll around in shit everytime she could get and I had to get my brothers girlfriend to spray it down with a hose. LOL she doesnt think its funny. Probably just hates the pulling of its fur. Dogs arent useless, and of COURSE they have those capabilities because of their size. Don’t tell me if a cat wasnt just as strong and powerful as a dog they couldn’t help people out. They could. All cats have different personalities, and some are VERY dog like. Cats can turn on lights, open doors, retrieve things, and call 911. Here ya go:

There are therapy cats, too. And thats a cute story, lol. There are many therapy animals that help people, including horses. Also, cats hear better than dogs. Like I said, if cats were the same size and build (that would be scary) as dogs, they could easily be trained to do those same things. Cats DO has no feelings like that, I dont care how much you like dogs, but do your bloody research because My cat and many cats that I;ve owned have been friendly, loving family animals, and they’re low maintanece. I understand people have favourite preferances, and as I can see you’re a dog person. But that gives you no right to believe that all cats are stuck up, bastardly, evil animals. Thats the stupidest thing I have EVER heard! Thats like saying all dogs bark, stink, and maul people. AND Cats have the ability to do that, there have been MANY, MANY accounts of cats sencing cancer and seizures. Even birds can sence seizures, so thats no great accomplishment on dogs behalf.

I understand that dogs are great, but your just so biased.

If cats were the size & strength of dogs, you’d probably be dead. Cats don’t value their owners like dogs do, & to say they have the same personality is so far from the truth. And when the hell did I ever say “all cats are stuck up, bastardly, evil animals”? Never, so WTF are you talking about? No, I do not think that cats would do any of those things for their owners that dogs do. Not even for a second. Every cat I’ve ever been near won’t even come to me when I call it, let alone be as friendly as a dog. They just glare at you with that mean look on their faces. And I can’t clean the cat, it’s my husband’s cat and I am pregnant and no offense but I really don’t want to get bit by the bitch or get toxoplasmosis from her shit. That’s nice that your cat has the personality of a dog, and had I ever met one that was like a dog, I’d like it. But the only ones I have ever met have been nothing like dogs. And ya you change your baby’s diaper when it shits itsself. But aren’t cats supposed to be smart and clean animals who know instinctivly to use the litter box? When a cat shits itsself it means it’s time to go to the shelter to get put down, not clean up after it’s shit every time. You do sound like a “cat person” because cat ppl. tend to speak in ways that make it seem as though cats should come before baby never squealed at the fucking cat or pulled her tail. I simply showed the cat to the baby..I wouldn’t let that dirty thing get close enough to my baby. And you say I should have taken the cat to the shelter instead of what I did, which was find her a home with ppl. who love cats? That doesn’t even make sense.

what about when people have big cats?????????????????????????? as pets, idiot, just coz YOU had a bad experience with cats.

Hahaha, yeah I think youre right about that one! They’re pretty fierce. But most domesticated cats, if looked after properly, arent usually vicious. Cats DO value their owners like dogs do, maybe they just show it in a different manner. At least I know all the cats I’ve owned have felt affection towards me. And some cats, believe it or not, do have similar personalities like dogs. But they’re DIFFERENT SPECIES so of course their traits arent going to be the same, but when it comes down to it their affection, companionship, tricks they can preform, and social habits can be similar.

All cats are different, goodness gracious. Some cats come when you call, some don’t. My neighbors cat doesnt even know me and when I first saw it I called it and it came bounding over to me like a dog and started purring and wanting affection. Some cats just arent stupid enough to walk up to strangers. My sisters dog, I’d sometimes take it for walks, right when we got in the yard and I took the leash off it’d see another dog or person accross the street and instantly start barking and running towards them, almost getting hit by a car or scaring them into thinking she was going to attack. Cats arent stupid enough to do that.

Then don’t! Its not up to you to look after your husbands cat, seesh. I really hope you can find a cat with a good personality, because you may be surprised at how clever and affectionate they are. I’m not sayin go out an adopt one, I know your not a cat person, but its just dumb how (now I’m NOT aiming this at you, this is for everone) people have such negitive views against cats. You can dislike them, sure but to say you hate them and hate verything about them is just stupid. Just because you’ve had bad experiences with cats, doesnt mean theyre all the same. Its like someone having a phobia of dogs, just because they were bit by one as a child, and so they assume all dogs are vicious.

Thats true, a cat shouldnt shit all over itself lol but like i said you had an old cat. also it probably wasnt being fed properly, or had some sort of intestinal disease.

I know your baby didn’t do any of that, but most babies do. I’m not saying your child is like that at all, but some cats are just scared of children, and a lot of the babies my cat has seen have done just that. They chase her, and pull her tail and everything. I can agree with you, though, pets shouldnt be near babies like that. My brothers friends wife owns two HUGE rotweillers and she lets her babies near it all the time she lets the dogs lick all over her babies face and stuff.

Well like you said, the people you found were elderly people who trained their cat to use a towel, so I was just sayin’. But good luck to them and that cat you hate so much.


In response to Skye (aka Miss I-Know-Everying)

1) You started the name calling. Lazy Bum? Fool? Where exactly in my blog did I say anything incendiary about you personally or call you a name? Well, if you like to call names, I am game for that, too.

1) Who cares if cats vomit on your rug? I do. I work hard for what I have and don’t appreciate it being trashed. Dogs drool and piss on your floors? Since when? I have shared my home with 3 dogs in my lifetime, and with exception of those who are terminally ill or not let out to relieve themselves, they don’t piss or drool on the floor. Neither do rodents for that matter. Buy a — was that, “freakin” — cat post! I have a cat post, Sherlock, two in fact, and the cat still shreds my fucking furniture. Spray em with water, that usually stops them? Well, I do that, too, but it’s only a quick fix, and since I have a job and am not home during the day when the cat is fucking up my furniture, I can’t exactly spray it with water. Sorry, Miss I.K.E., I have a fucking life. You don’t need to tell me about training. I know what it is. Cats are not trainable. They simply respond to punishment and get away with what they can when they can. You do that to a dog, right? No. Dogs actually learn.

2) My roommate is also known as my husband, and quite frankly, I don’t fuck around, so no I won’t get a new one. But to each her own, honey.

3) Who is someone who obviously has nothing better to do with her life than follow a cat around the house with a spray bottle and call people names who don’t agree with her calling a lazy bum?

4.) Dogs drool, bark, bite with their huge jaws, whine, whimper, eat everything, make huge messes, and eat a lot. So do cats. Guinea pigs piss and shit when they are in their cage, and if they have to go when they are out, they will nibble your finger to let you know they want to go back. I have never been scratched by a guinea pig, though I have kept them as pets for the last 8 years and for 3 additional years when I was much younger. And who wouldn’t run away if they knew they were being put back into a cage? It’s a survival instinct that has kept them alive for thousands of years. Us, too.

5.) I don’t feed my cat milk. I have her on a special low-allergen diet and give her careful portions. SHe still vomits.

6.) Thanks for the website address, but I’m not a fool.

7.) It obviously *does* matter “what type of education you have,” because there is a definite correlation between intelligence and being able to have a debate without calling the other side names. And *you* don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that *I* don’t condone hatred towards any animal, including cats. In fact, I wrote that specifically at the beginning of my last blog, but it takes the ability to read to be able to figure that out.

8.) Everything in this world–including people who don’t agree with you–has a positive and neagative side to it.

9) Hahahahahahahaha!



Wow, learn to take a joke! Those werent even insulting, nor did I mean them to be. Jeeze, calm down. Read what I said to that chick talking about how great dogs are. I have no more to say about this. And yeah, cats are trainable. Thanks for showing everyone here that you have aboslutely no capabilities of training a cat. Why do you even have one if you’re going to continue this huge rant? And for someone who has a life, you sure type alot about trying to contradict my opinion about cats.

good bye forever, you one sided cruel people. i hope you all get reincarnated as cats in your next life 🙂

It’s just a simple fact, dogs are better suited for human companionship than cats are. Cats were never called “man’s best friend” were they? I really don’t care if anyone else likes or has cats. I think that’s great..all I was trying to say is that the facts show dog’s usefullness & cats just can’t even compare in that aspect. And what you said about dogs that maul ppl. those are dogs who have been mistreated 9 times out of 10, or fought. Especially pitts. And in most news reports that claim a pitbull killed or mauled someone, they just tag the dog a pitbull when it is actually a different mixed breed, one that looks similar to a pitbull. It gets them good ratings to dramatize things like that. I wish I could find a cat that had a dog’s personality because they are easier to take care of, you don’t have to let them outside (althoguh litter boxes are unsanitary) you can leave for a week & they can look out for themselve’s. But even if I did find a cat that had a dog’s personality, they just don’t do it for me..maybe it’s their small stature. I like bigger dogs, ones I can put my arm around in bed! My friend is a single mom who lives alone & last Christmas, she had some weird stalker looking in her windows at night..she lives in an old run down cottage on a lake, at the end of the cul de sac, none of her neighbors could see her house at night. Anyways she & her 2 year old daughter were home alone one night, and my friend was out on the attached enclosed porch area, and she heard a knock on her door. Her 2 year old daughter was standing right by the door, she watched in horror as the door slowly was the guy who had been watching her at night..(don’t ask my why she didn’t have her freaking doors locked) she ran to the door to try & slam it shut but the guy pushed the door in, as he attempted to enter the house, My friend’s 4 year old female pitbull jumped on the guy, took a bite out of his arm and the guy ran off..the dog must have chased him for a while because she didn’t come back home for a couple minutes. I admit, this dog was trained to be a guardian dog, and to react that way. But if it weren’t for her, who knows what would have become of my friend & her little daughter. Things like that make me really value dogs. The way that they love & protect their family. Even the smallest of dogs will attempt to protect in a situation that warrants it.

love pitbulls,
(usually wouldnt reply since so many people on here are being lame, but i got this in an e-mail =])
dogs are great in all those aspects, like guarding and protecting people, and thats’s a very great, heroic story 🙂 and i know what you mean about a dogs loyalty. it does far surpasss that of a cats, and dogs are more useful in society than cats are. all i’m saying is that people totally underestimate cats. they have bad qualities, but also good ones and people shouldnt judge all cats as being the same because of their experiences with them. hate posts going on about how useless they are and how they should all die, thats just stupid and pathetic. a cat, regardless of its personality or appearance, is still a low-maitence family pet, and serves up to that role as (usually) being cute, cuddly, smart animals that show affection, and some people just prefer that to dogs. youre right, though, when saying dogs are more useful than cats but there are some dogs out there who sometimes are born bad, usually without abuse. and that steriotype that all pitbulls are aggressive and dangerous is the same steriotype that all cats are stupid, useless and unaffectionate…. its just not true! so people dont need to own a cat, and they can continue hating them, but even if you hate an animal that is no excuse to bring it harm, or consider it stupid and useless.

Holy shit, such animosity here lately.

Love Pit Bulls: I am with you on dogs 100%. I love them and would love to keep another one. The only reason we don’t have one is because my husband and I are at work all day and we don’t feel it would be fair to the animals.


Perhaps you didn’t “mean” your words to be insulting, but I can barely count on one had the number of people I know (and I know a lot of people) who would tolerate being called “lazy bum” or “fool” without having some choice words to say back. The offense is determined by the one offended, and the older you get — I am assuming that you are much younger than me — the more you come to realize that, and the more you come to think before you speak (or write).

As far as what you said to that “chick talking about how great dogs are,” I read what you wrote and *I* have a lot to say about it. All of those pit bull maul stories you have read are most likely true, but I can guarantee you that they were committed by animals that had been abused, mistreated and trained to be vicious by unscrupulous owners. It is exactly that misconception about them that causes thousands to be exploited by people like Michael Vick or destroyed at shelters all over the country, regardless of their temperament. I have known many pit bulls in my life — and several people who rescue them from euthanasia or from lives of abuse and exploitation — and they are among the sweetest, gentlest, most loyal animals I have every known. You “have no more to say about this” because there is no more to say about it.

No need to “thank” me for showing everyone here that I have absolutely no capabilities of training a cat. Everyone here already knows, and they don’t think any less of me.

Since you asked, I “have” a cat only because my husband loves her, and as I am — unlike some — a person who can see from perspectives other than my own, I would never ask him to get rid of an animal he loves. But, as comic relief, I join blogs like this one so that I and others like me can share our stories about living with other people’s cats.

Yes, I write a lot and tend to contradict opinions, but that is because I am a professor, and it’s what I get paid to do. You type as much as I do, even more in fact, but the big difference is that I know how to support an argument without saying things like “I hope you get reincarnated as a cat.”

I hope I get reincarnated as a cat, too. Who wouldn’t want to spend every day licking their balls, destroying the house and sitting on babies’ faces while some narrow-minded, world-hating sucker picks up the tab!!!!!


You’re so stubborn. Yeah, I get it. And as a matter of fact, I AM a lot yougner than you, a teenager. Do you feel better abot yourself carrying on this long, pointless rant? A grown woman like you, arguing with a teenager over cats and dogs??

Oh my god you two or skye and nichole need to shake hands and accept ur dis agree-ments about this topic! i dont even think u guys are even talking about the topic come to think about it. you guys had it and then this BIG argument broke out and im getting a few emails and its getting annoying! The main question that everyone needs to know and awnser is why they hate cats if its stupid like just because there cats then poke them and ask why they hate cats and whatever im pretty sure u know what i mean.

I love and hate cats at times but mostly love
they can piss everywhere and poop everywhere and boy does it smell but i can clean it plus they can knock over stuff but that hardly happens plus when they run up and down the hall which i think is cute because there having a good time and its fun to imagine why there doing it in the first place. Honestly there is no perfect pet out there but what we need to figure out is why so many people hate cats so altogether lets find the reasons and help solve them sounds corny but im in that “mood” again.
I have 5 cats and i love them all. dogs are okay but i prefer cats because i with them every single day. i dont hate dogs either but my REAL PROBLEM IS WHY THERE IS MORE CAT ABUSE THAN DOG?
im not trying to get more dog abuse im jsut wondering why!

Skye: I know I’m stubborn. I’m quite well-known for it, in fact. But I’m not the only one perpetuating this discussion, here.

For the record, I enjoy discourse with teenagers. They see life from a different angle and give me another interesting perspective from which to view things. No, I don’t feel better about myself because I’m carrying on a long, pointless “rant” with a one of them, but I’m not trying to feel better about myself…..I debate with teenagers–and adults– all day. It’s part of my job as an English teacher to help all of my students polish their communication skills in this way. And since I have helped many of them, that makes me feel good about myself and makes them feel better about themselves.

And believe me, I’m not ranting. If I were ranting, you’d know about it.

In any event, I admit I have been hard on you, and I apologize for that. I can be persistent and obnoxious. We can agree to disagree and leave it at that. But just as I have learned something from you, I hope you have learned something from me. Even the people who annoy us most are valuable to us if they teach us something. I have known many such people and I am sure you have, too.

Be blessed and take care of your cats. They are indeed lucky to have you 🙂


P.S. Skye, thank you for such a lively debate. I would have liked to have had you as a student 🙂


First off, I really do appologize if I came off as rude or anything. I really didn’t mean to. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate a persons attitude online without knowing them in person, and I guess I just get really worked up in internet debates!

The way you handled my blatantly obnoxious behaviour is beyond admirable, and I’m probably just as stubborn! Most of the time on this blog, I did type things without thinking before hand, as I usually do (unfortunately! I’ve gotten into many problems because of that.. hmm..) and I know for a fact that it didn’t help what I was trying to defend, and it just made me seem naive. :/

But I hope that through my bad garammar and childish dialogue you were all able to understand that cats get much worse of a bad reputation than they deserve. Sure they can be annoying, you have to clean up after them, they hiss and bite, etc. but what people seem to forget is that cats are popular pets for a reason, and their positive traits far surpass their negative traits.

I have no problem admitting that I’m a cat fanatic, and I hope everyone on here reconsiders their feelings for these amazing little creatures. They may not be as loyal as dogs, they can’t sing or fly like birds, nor can they sit idly out of your way like rodents or fish, but they are clever and affectionate animals who serve their purpose as companions, and they love unconditionally (even if they don’t show it sometimes!). THAT is what justifies their close relationship with humans. It doesn’t matter if they throw up on your floor, tear up your furniture, etc. Consider your house burns down, and your cat is stuck in the house. What is the one think you’re going to miss? Your expencive furniure, or that annoying 4 legged creature who you shared your home with and cleaned up after? Perhaps most of society would choose their posessions over a living, breathing animal. I can see why, you spent a lot of money on your house, why should it all go to waste? But I wouldn’t. A couch can’t cuddle with you. Coffee tables don’t love you or make you laugh.

You can dislike cats by all means, think I’m just a ranting crazy cat lady, whatever you want. But someday, soomeeeday, if you take the time (like I have) to try and bond with a cat… you may be surprised at what you get in return.

Wow, totally well-put, Skye. I can see why I forgot that I was debating with a teenager. You really do have amazing insight.

You are anything but naive–albeit a little overzealous, as we all can be at times–and don’t put yourself down, as you have better grammar than many adults I know. As for getting worked up , we all get worked up, sometimes. To be able to admit to a mistake–and learn from it–takes a lot of integrity….and maturity.

Good point, also, about the furniture. It can’t love you back–except maybe on “Shrek II”–but a pet can.

In any event, apology accepted. No hard feelings.

It has been a sincere pleasure talking–or at least blogging–with you. Thanks so much. Hope to see you here again soon.

From Nicholle, the Stubborn Guinea Pig Fanatic….lol

to shut the hell up: if you read up a few blogs, you will see that Nicholle and Skye “shook hands already.”

we are not sending you the emails. Once you leave your email address on the blog, you will get a notification every time there is a new post. You are free to disregard them if you want.

love pitbulls: yes, cats still suck, but it is fun arguing about it anyway.

face it they all have there flaws and stories and some might be better too. i dont know why but this sticks out to me as racism

Yea they can both be assholes, but it is usually little shit dogs like chuiauas (I can’t spell it) that are mean like that. Anyways, who cares, this site isn’t called “8 reasons to hate dogs” if you want to hate on dogs, go to a dog hater’s site. You won’t find me there.