I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

Lots of good stuff on i-am-bored.com including this great snowball fight game (lots more games for download) and the Counterfit Mini site!

If you’re bored of playing games on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, then head on over to Xeer2000, Evil Dave’s, or Dvotee for gaming tips and chat. Or check out the excellent Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos sasbenjr produces.

OK, if you’re really bored, here’s a few things to pass the time:

Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Photos.org. Any idea what kind it is?

915 thoughts on “I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

      1. Oh cool i found out that if you press the alt key and the f4 key at the same time a whole bucnh of secret funny pictures come up.

        1. umm i tried that a loooooonnng time ago and I got pissed lol. my sister said she tried it and you saw some things just to trick me and I was stupid enough to try it and I got super mad.

          1. hey did u ever find something to do because im bored and looking for something to do and i dont know what to do so im asking if you know what to do when youre bored becaues i bored and looking for something to do

        2. No you fuckin fuck face that closes your fuckin browser wtf?????? who tha fuck u think u fooling???????? asswipe

        1. Its almost 3 am and I’m bored but can’t sleep…. who’s bored now… ugghhh…. so BORED! \( ‘-.-)/

    1. i am sitting here on a friday night on this website. i cannot believe how popular this site is. anyhow, all i said today at work was TGIF, and now look where i am. hmmmm

    2. im so fucking bored, i took a shower and the only shit on tv thats remotly interesting is ghostrider on fx, and i fuckin hate nicolas cage!, im bout to smoke a blunt in hopes it’l alleviate my boredom but i doubt it

  1. i am also bored……….and im not sure thats a good enuf reason to be on this ‘shit’

  2. ha all a hear on ere is AM BOARD!!! well it is a site 4 BORED ppl so quit complainin!!!!! ha yes am a complete nutcase if ya wndrin!!

  3. dudes…im done with a report yet im still not allowed to do anything on here (fun stuff). with an nearly an hour left of class, i can officially say I AM BORED.

  4. you all don’t have to be bored. go outside, call a friend, if you have any. go to a movie, go bowling, hell go fishing, just QUIT YOUR BITCHING!! and be happy to be alive.

      1. he’s fucking stupid all those things suck what am i gonna do when i get outside just stand or take a walk.. how fun. not. i do that all the time and i don thae money for that other shit.

    1. well being its fucken 230 a.m. an i cant sleep! this would really defeat any of your go live life shit, tard every one else was on at like 1 or 2 in the morning!!! your the only one who typed in im bored an got on this website at 5 o’clock on a fucken friday like 7 years ago!! an yet to keep myself entertained im trying to bitch you out!! yup thank you ”Feebs, The Wonder Woman” you ignorant fuck im no longer bored!!!

    2. We’re happy to be alive(most of us) were just bored as fuck. If you weren’t bored as fuck why did you look up “bored as fuck” in the first place? Hypocrite asshole

      1. WhiiteOwl i typed “what to do when youre in bed and typing this while your so bored”, im pretty sure you won’t reply to me and if you do then i wont reply back.

    3. Some people aren’t able to do these things, I came to this website in hope of finding a good suggestion on what I could do when I am bored. Insulting people and telling them to QUIT BITCHING!! isn’t helping anyone, maybe actually get your ideas across without being a dick in future,

    4. You know what, I think your comment is dumb. Because Alot of people on this site and I are at home and it’s 1:00 or 2:00 so why don’t you be quiet! Because this website was meant for people that are bored. So please, shushh.

    1. Dude, obvioulsy you need school more than most other people here. Learn to spell and get a life. Go do something productive instead of wasting valuble time bitching on the internet.

        1. some one needs to smoke a bowl. ADAM wow that comment up there really triggered yo feelings huh. dont get mad, get glad. god bless i hope you have a better day tomorrow. thank you. holy shit im bored and that was three years ago. HOLY SHIT THAT ONE WAS FROM 2005! smh. i need to calm it down.

  5. I am bored here when I came to this site it’s really bore oh ‘god’ what a bored life…………………………how about u allllllllll

  6. you are all weird, i am bored to but you don’t see me saying it all to often. hahahahahaha
    you all seem to be a bunch of lay abouts and i would like you to know that i am with the police. i am filtering the internets and getting rid of people like you!

    1. Did they teach you in the academy what to do when somebody says go fu** yourself?????? Filter what you want

    2. our on this website at fucken work bitching about us, every one else is on here at 1, 2 o’clock in the morning wtf??? an you dont even sound cool “i’m with the police” soo what, your obviously not a cop, what kind of job is trying to censor the internet fag!!

    3. OMG this is literally the funniest thing i have read since like…. hmm idk 3 comments ago. cheers. wow god strike me dead for reading EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. lmao ” i would like you to know that i am with the police ” dahahahahahahhahaha funny.

  7. I was soooo bored I started searching for anything to get my mind inspired, starting with the letter “a” and so on. I am so lucky this sight starts with the letter “I.”Now I forgot why I wanted to become inspired. I’M stuck here.

  8. wow its so weard that i can conect to so many people hear. I also found this site by typing how i felt in a googal serch!!!!!!!!!

  9. hey i just wanted to say that i am bored too and infact i am so fored that i actually came onto this site and read all of 47 comments made by BORING people like you!!!!

  10. i am so bored that i actually typed IM BORED in google, it came up with this page and so, as boring as it was, i read all of 47 quotes made by you people! any less bored???? NO

  11. This website sux, but coursework sux more. I am contemplating eating the pc to relieve one’s boredom.

  12. im bord..kinda wel im not really; ) uno this sites jsut open incase my mum walks in 😛 cheers peeps. hope u find sumtin unbored soon!:)

  13. Im in a lesson right now, andnn im soooooooo bored. AGGH, we’ve got this supply teacher who is just sitting there and it is driving me crazzzzzzzzzzzy SOMEBODY HELP!!!

  14. this is some seriously shit site.i was less bored wen i came on here.like omfg dis iz da most shitiest site eva!

  15. MY god im soo bored it brought me here and i find it funny that so many other people are bored too. lol im so bored i wanna go back to work AHHHHH.

  16. im at work… yep… i hate this county… and i think its pathetic that i googled my bored…ness

  17. i didnt even kno there was sites for bordom i was just skrewin around on google………….

  18. im bored … liked the fat dutch man, he made me laugh…just had a row with bloak so thought id come on line to chill, then realised ,,,ive nothing to look at, so typed in im bored and found this site.. he he cool…glad im not the only one!

  19. why cant some 1 b bored and make a propper sight that is just crap…. i h8 amerika!

  20. Yup, that’s what you get for being bored. A site which makes you depressed and more bored.

  21. Im so bored, I searched google for “Im bored” and saw someone else did the same thing. Like searching for bored would help me find something to………..ahhhhhhhhh forget it IM FREAKIN BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’m bored @ school. After this block, I’m going home and back to bed. Mom will NEVER know! 🙂

  23. shut up all people from earth. if u are bored.. chill out and hav a cone wit us wiggers from da northside! peace out mutha fuckas…

  24. earthlys i under stand this boredom my leader nanu nanu2 has had us sit on mars waiting to destroy your planet for 5000 years

  25. Hi Every other sad person who has Googled thier Boredom, my name is Omoloo. This is a bit sad of me but its something to do I guess. Anyway I am at school now and meant to be doing some History Crap. Sorry for filling up so much space on this “Bored” thingymajiggy. By the way my real name isnt Omoloo…its just this cool thing where you replace the vowels in your name with an “O”. Okay I’m going now, my friend “Stroggie” or Stephanie is writing a message too. Thats okay, we can be bored together! (I wonder what other people are going to think of my little essay on this bored web-site..hmmm) Love from Princess Omoloo xx (I am 14 by the way incase you think from the way I;ve written this that I am like, 6 or somthing)

  26. yo peps! just wanted to say that i, like Omoloo, am doing some kinda shit involving history so thats why i came to this site.
    I hope in time you all get bored again (highly likely) so you can send more of your time wasting comments to this poorly programmed site.
    Also i wanted to let you know of the pidgeons that are gonna one terrible day take over the world.
    Arm yourself with guns, and for gods sake dont go out with bread!!!!

  27. i thought this website was supposed 2 make me not-bored, its crap, im even more bored now than i was before! utter shite!

  28. unlike u lot i am not bored coz i ave a life go and get 1 !!!!!!hehehehehehhe plus im stoned

  29. Im more bored than everone cause Ive just read all the comments, now Im so bored Id rather just sit on the couch and do nothing, t’s less depressing

  30. omoloo is the most boringest peep on this website!!!
    Did you know ,its a really facinating fact by the way, she has the hugest crush on a guy called …………………………………………………………………………………………….Liam.

  31. how can stephanie say that I do not fancy Liam I swear.
    I know what “Bulltothis” meant about bored having a whole new meaning. In fact, ive been saying it in my head so much it doesnt have a meaning anymore.

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