I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

Lots of good stuff on i-am-bored.com including this great snowball fight game (lots more games for download) and the Counterfit Mini site!

If you’re bored of playing games on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, then head on over to Xeer2000, Evil Dave’s, or Dvotee for gaming tips and chat. Or check out the excellent Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos sasbenjr produces.

OK, if you’re really bored, here’s a few things to pass the time:

Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Photos.org. Any idea what kind it is?

915 thoughts on “I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

  1. What the fuck is goin on, what a bunch of pricks but the sad truth about it is i have tacken the time out of my dayto read some of this shit!!!!!! but chuz for the 2 mins of ammusment it has gave me. SAV MAN

  2. Well i never heard of this site so i might as well write in it. I am also bored as many of the people have said well have a nice day! La di da di do di da

  3. wel li was bored so i typed in im bored and now i am reading all these little peoples comments tho sum i wouldnt call a comment.. so thank you for having this site.. actually its a very boring site.. but.. i am not sure wat i am saying.. i am a loser.. but there’s noting wrong with bein a loser, just depends on how you are at it.. thats wat billie joe says.. you no.. billie.. from green day.. well i am prob boring you and i am sick of thi site so i am going to green day.com cuz i am in love with green day!! ok ill shut up now! by

  4. yeah! u mentioned Green Day!!!! im soooo bored and like most of you guys from skool im doing a dam history ass. on the fucking Civil War and im not even from America! URGH!!!!!! and anyways IM BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi ppls we r doin sex ed! he he he it’s funny!!!! penis……..dare u 2 yell out PENIS really loud in class/work!!!!!! PS Green day Rox!!!!!!

  6. i Am ThE KiNg Of BoReD. KnEeL DoWn BeForE mE And TrEmBlE At My BoReDoM. you all sux0rs!!!11! omg die2u

  7. Hey…i just wanna say i don’t get it what is the fun part of this site to make me unbored? I read that message by Omoloo, by any chance was you name Emilee or sumthing? lol I tried out the replacing vowels with O thing…bet you can’t guess my name though….lotsa people in here said thy were in a history lesson or something, but I’m at home avoiding homework………………………………yerrr so im really bored hahaha yeah bye

  8. Bored at work…. Not finished until 10…. Waiting to go to the pub…. Salvation needed….End message

  9. i am ace but i am also bored so i searched im bored n found this shite i must really be bored to comment o n hi everybody

  10. hiyall same situation lmao. im bored too and i found this website on google. cheers.

    anyways, i believe there are million peeps bored now like me and you, reader. how sad is this?


  11. WOWOWOWOWOWOW man we are all the same arent we.

    I found so many quotes that sound like i wrote them but i didnt lol

    like many of you im in school lol its all i ever seem to do anymore lol im in my TIM class and the teacher actually lets me go on the net instead of doing the work the rest of the class is doing lol.

    IM SO BORED my friend claire says she likes rainbow jelly too and that she used to lick her toes….

    shes very very odd.


    any1 wanna chat add me to msn messenger my email addys ________@hotmail.com lol

    One of the gay teachers just walked in and i thought shed have a nut at me 4 being on the net… she didnt even notice!!! wot a crak up! lol well i best b off now

    lata owt peeps lol

    * Edited to protect your privacy… there are weirdos out there.

  12. i am so bored.. DSS THANKS man u showed me the path to eternity, path to a higher dior help me stay a gentlemen , still wonder wats Pi to drive a jaguar & stay cool water.Fahrenheit’s high,crave’s low ….these dont stink. Laaast but not the Least.. I’m Bee Ooo aRe yEe Dee.

  13. Hey paarth..iam gettin bored of this same routine, hardly anything different to do, this all happened just coz of my parents entertainment works..Yawn)) )) ))

  14. This is so sad. Everyone should just, I don’t know, be happy you are all healthy; my little sister is in the hospital and they’re not letting her out because the pain isn’t under control so you just thank god you don’t have cerebral palsy and you just thank god that you don’t have to go through all that pain and surgery and teasing and you all, I’m assuming, can walk and everything.
    So you just thank god.

  15. R u seriuos???????i was typing somethin then this came up omg
    i didn’t know ppl were really this bored it is call GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. funny stuff, everyone googles, everyone hates school,well im not there right now hahahaha, so bored i read all 135 of these. blah off now

  17. this suck ass…. oklahoma blows…bought a misfits shirt and tried to buy a slipknot shirt at star ship.. had to deal with that for about 2 hourse.. people are so slow their.. yea its nice that u guys are bored… same here.. and stop bitching about people writing their bored and giving them advice to grow up or get a life or watever THEY DONT WANT IT !! atleaste i wouldent but yea .. i had to get a crappy slipknot shirt but they still rule…GREEN DAY SUCKS !and u wont hurt my feelings if u gripe at me 😛 so dont waiste your time or energy ..ok ? like i said no bitching or bitching at k well later posers/maggots/fiends/metal-heads/guys/sweet low lifes/people that are like me and feel same way lol ( fat chance ) gay asses and fuckin sick ass lesbians (sick)! and fuck u preps and stuck up people/and fuck u pretty boys as well… k comment later ps. going to a disturbed concert august 21 HOPE TA SEE YA THEIR!…… and u whores and sluts PLEASE STOP LIFTING UP YOUR SHIRTS U PAID 30$’s TO LIFT UR FUCKIN SHIRT… how pathetic.. do that at school not their.. bls fans came their to see the band not you… k my notice is over…. byebye

  18. blobby blobby blob blob, i think there is blood coming out of my nose i am so bored, i can feel the last bits of braincells sliming out of my ears and shriveling away. i am going to go and buy some tuna at lunch so that i can laugh at the fact that i am so bored i am eating tuna. My little friend here is also bored, infact she is watching me type right at this very min.hi. i am in I.T and i am concidering giving myself a omega wedgie so that i do not have to live with the o so much boring times. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL AND IM HAVING LOTS OF SEX TONIGHT so in your flabby faces!!!!!!! anyways i am still quite bored and slightly amused at my own comments, i am so sad. :o( i am a sexy beast o yes sir eeeeeee

  19. i had no idea i could ever be this bored in the summer holidays, i just wanna start college now!!
    whoever said that everyone on here are sad twats and need to get a life, think you should to.

  20. im so fuckin bored. i thought that this site would help cure my boredom syndrome… but it made it fucking worse. i read all fuckin 142 comments!!

    wow i really have no life… that makes me sad :'(

  21. omg how the hell dus this website make u less bored all u do is read shit heads comments like mine which makes u even more bored!!!!!IDIOTS!!

  22. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored, I have sat here and read almost ever comment on this web page…..lol….lol

  23. i am sooo bored, i thot this wud be a funny website but its nothing but a waste of time but then again i am bored so like i mite as well check it out. i think im gona fall asleep. i thot da summer wud be class but it is crap and i cudnt b bothered learning the driving theory book…nooo 🙁

  24. i am really bored and this website is crap lol its making me even more bored and i carnt belive im even on it lmao ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  25. im sooooooooooo bored. its really sad how i read all 153 comments. I think im going to go slit my wrists for fun. playing solitare is better than this shit. how very very sad. I am actually laughing at my own comment. unfortunately this is actually the best part of the website. I just graduated from newcomb and i am actually looking forward to highschool. Though it shall never happen because i will drink a bottle of drain cleaner first. well i guess i will go write comments on other…ringringringringring bananaphone(damn it i got that shit stuck in my head). i wish i had friends i guess leaving a horse head in thier beds wasnt the best way to make friends…oh well. help meeeeeeeee!

  26. I am so bored an this is so sad that we all are complaining but in reality we are all dumbfucks for visiting this site, which realistically is making us even more bored. How lame…

  27. you all think your bored ive been sittin on my ass for a week and a half coz i hava had an operation, usually i play tennis every day, and now i cant play sport for 6 weeks!!!

  28. Oh my god who started this ** web site go kill urself whoever did..ur alllll idiots i have the maddest headache liek gosh!

  29. i am so bored u guys suck ass cause i know u guys r rich and not bore. u rich plpl just rubbin in shiiiiiiiiiitttt

  30. Lets see i’m bored searched in “things to do when your bored” on google and found this yippy…”roll eyes” lets see i’m always bored at night becuz there is nowhere to go in this sitckin place grr!anyways i’m bored and thats all i have to say good bye!

  31. i am a really bored person!actually i am really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, reallly, reallllly, reaeaaaaalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy bored!!! you have probly noticed that i am really bored

  32. Being bored is a sign of a lack of imagination…
    Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease called Privo Della Mente, Italian for devoid of mind. It was discovered and classified in 1876 and has puzzled doctors ever since. Multiple ploys to alieviate the symptoms of PDM have been created over the years, the most well-known being the television. Now, though, PDM has been cut down to nothing more than a mere mood, nicknamed boredom. Many victims of the disease write it off, and sadly suffer through a life plagued by PDM, never knowing true happiness or getting the medical attention needed for studies and medications to be administered.

  33. im so bored omg an evil rabbit ahh its eatin ma leg help omg crazy frog i like crazy frog…Ur all gay (i luv gay ppl i hav nufin agens em) (im a girl) im a real girl 😀 im so proud :'( btw number 167 ur pert is so so so so so gay omg me nm ma m8 we totally fuked up ma m8s syt it was well funi we tryed 2 get the longest name n btw no1 ever goes on dis syt :O ha u r all losers get over it can i add an image plz.o it wont alow me k im goin 2 tell every1 2 leve a note on here goes its gay wow im so proud :'( ha ha ur gay all off u can i hav the longest note plz u no u want 2 let me hav the longest note yay i think i do wow u must all b wel bored well thx 4 ur time
    Urs gayly Bob (im a girl)

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