Hi Every other sad person who has Googled thier Boredom, my name is Omoloo. This is a bit sad of me but its something to do I guess. Anyway I am at school now and meant to be doing some History Crap. Sorry for filling up so much space on this “Bored” thingymajiggy. By the way my real name isnt Omoloo…its just this cool thing where you replace the vowels in your name with an “O”. Okay I’m going now, my friend “Stroggie” or Stephanie is writing a message too. Thats okay, we can be bored together! (I wonder what other people are going to think of my little essay on this bored web-site..hmmm) Love from Princess Omoloo xx (I am 14 by the way incase you think from the way I;ve written this that I am like, 6 or somthing)