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Fat Dutch Man – Funny guy dancing

Here’s a video of a fat Dutch man – dancing and singing along to “Ozone’s Dragostea Din Tei”.

It’s a wonder what some people get up to. *shudder*
(Thanks Martin for the link!)

Edit (2016-12-07): added a Youtube version since the link above is now broken. Thanks Reddit. Apparently today is the twelfth anniversary of the video which is actually called Numa Numa.

By Donncha

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182 replies on “Fat Dutch Man – Funny guy dancing”

I hope the room he is in is securely locked!!, and the key kept out of harms way.

What a fat dutch twattttt.

Puuuuh,… this man looks like my sister,…. awesome video,… want to see more of this,… may lets make a collection of “Could be my shit sister” ?

Fat people are not funny,I’m fat my boo is fat and we are wonderful human beings we just have a G.R.E.E.D problem when it comes to grub 😛

I didn’t find that funny at all =/ I unno. Maybe I’m not in a laughing mood, or that really isn’t funny at all and you’re all losers for laughing.

omg yoo retrds barely even ever comment a 206 comment is still on the top page….wow sad and you all dont even know this is gary brlfman the numa numa guy from youtube

dude i see something more funny
and fat guy in class doing a boob
dance and then my friend kick him in to the balls

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