Fat Dutch Man – Funny guy dancing

Here’s a video of a fat Dutch man – dancing and singing along to “Ozone’s Dragostea Din Tei”.

It’s a wonder what some people get up to. *shudder*
(Thanks Martin for the link!)
Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Photos.org Any idea what kind it is?

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182 thoughts on “Fat Dutch Man – Funny guy dancing”

  1. Does anyone know somewhere else to see it?? I saw part of it on TV and I feel it is imperative to my well being to see the whole thing!!;)

  2. Yes, that’s it Jim, pity about the extra snaphots of those guys that pop up from time to time, but at least everyone will get a chance to enjoy the “fat man” again! 🙂

  3. lol.. holy ! its a wonder what ppl are upto man! very funny video! the fat dutch guy – i just got it emailed to me by a friend then searched the net to find you guys talking about it!! LoL.. how old is thiz? im blogging about it on my blog and mentioning this website.. keep up the fun in this world guys! 🙂

  4. He’s not Dutch, he’s from Saddlebrook, NJ. And yes, he is lip-syncing a Romanian song. Gary Brolsma is his name. If you are a subscriber to the New York Times here in the US, here’s the link to an article from February 26th about him.


    Or email me and I’ll send you the article if you’re that interested.

    http://www.newgrounds.com/collections/numanuma.html has some additional spoofs of the orginal, as well as a version without popups. And a Sing Along one with subtitles!


  5. He is absolutely hilarious! How can I get a copy of the video and song? I haven’t been able to view any ofthe links in these comments. My work blocks EVERYTHING! 🙁

  6. Err, right K,iy.. I have no idea what “newsgrounds” is, aren’t you oh so close-minded and thick to assume everyone lives in the same backwater you live in! haha

  7. Pues yo lo voy a escribir en español. Lo de este tío ha sido la polla, joé que peshá de reir. Hilarante, ¿pero cómo cojones me lo descargo?

  8. hahahahahahahahahahaha fat dutch kid rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha hes hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!;) hahahahhahaah gotta love him!!!!! oh hes sooooooo sexy i wanna touch him but i cant…and i hate plastic sergens and i obey all! diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! call me ppl love yall 513.600.9371

  9. That is SOoooooooooooo funny. I can’t stop lol @ it. I wonder if that guy has a life or just sits there all day singing to songs? Its made my day :OP

  10. This is soo funny its addicting!!!I couldn’t stop laughing everyone at home nos the whole song we’ve seen it so much!

  11. my uncle sent this email that had this g uy on it full screen, it was awesome, my mom and sister and i thought that it was so funny that we learned the little dance and everytime my friends came ov er they would freak out cause thats how we would answer the door! anyways just thought that i would give my input! keep the link put so i can tell people about it! have a great day!


  12. he is so hot and fat. i do his dance on my bed and it squeaks hahahaha….if anyone wants to help me make my bed SqUeAk some more then give me a call!!!!!!!! 860 343 XXX

  13. this may be just about the funniest freak’n thing I ever saw…what a zest for life,,,wish we all could have fun like this chap,,,,,bravo bravo

  14. it was freakin funny. it blocked up the corridor now the teacher wont let us see it. too bad we had our fun!

  15. Well, he is not the dutch guy… He is a brasilian la… He is the relative of my host family. I know his name, but I don´t want to be killed… hehe

  16. THATS GREAT! Me and my friends have been cracking up for hours, and we’ve been singing it every where we go! The first time we saw it was when a teacher showed us it at school! Great stuff, i couldnt do any better!

  17. Watched the fat kid whilst out ma head and pissed maself laughing. Had to take another peek whilst straight and laughed just as much! top class bloke. keep up the good work when u get out of rehab!!

  18. It is so damn funny i pissed my pants that guy sould do anither one i will piss my pants again i say good on ya son if u want to sing go an sing well dun fat boy

  19. hey! good for us I guess! but did anywhone wondered how and what is like the original sog and clip? maybe you like it!

  20. I just love the Fat Dutch Man. If I am down I put it on he gives me such a lift. Love it. Does anyone have any different ones using a different tracks. Love the other guy sing as well. Any budding video singers out there send me your footage I would love to see it. Jax x

  21. I have sent it to everyone I know…this has got to be the most hysterical thing ever…and just TRY not to hum that stupid song the rest of the day after you watch it!

  22. Yo homies this film is off the chain yo….I brought all my hoime g’s over to my crib…And watched his jiggle jiggle ..all around..YO im out


  24. OMG that was the funniest thing ive ever seen in my life
    im still laughin n i saw it last week!!!
    i luv that guy cant get enuf of him
    but i wanna thank my bud Kel fer showin it to me
    luv ya Kels!!!!!!!!!


  26. oh my god this guy is really funny I love him to pieces and I hope that one day that I can meet him. 🙂 I love him alot when ever I see his video I’am practaclly on the floor laughing my $%% off. I hope that he is a real fat dutch kid. 🙂

  27. I love this guy and love this song….. He is great and super funny…..I listen to it all the time. Thanks to the guy who did this.

  28. my friend sophia showed me this on a computer in humanities class when we were supposed to be working! we were laughing sooooooo hard, all the way over here in the u.s. keep the laughs coming….


  29. I’m a school teacher and one of the kids got me put Gary on my interactive whiteboard… I LOVE IT! I use it as a reward: “Work quietly and well for 55 minutes and I’ll play Gary at the end!” It works! Thanks Gary.

  30. I’m a very large Girl and my favorite drink is butter in my coffee (try it really) My boyfriend Bill is fat two and has never worked since we have been together can anyone advise me?

  31. Puuuuh,… this man looks like my sister,…. awesome video,… want to see more of this,… may lets make a collection of “Could be my shit sister” ?

  32. Fat people are not funny,I’m fat my boo is fat and we are wonderful human beings we just have a G.R.E.E.D problem when it comes to grub 😛

  33. I didn’t find that funny at all =/ I unno. Maybe I’m not in a laughing mood, or that really isn’t funny at all and you’re all losers for laughing.

  34. omg yoo retrds barely even ever comment a 206 comment is still on the top page….wow sad and you all dont even know this is gary brlfman the numa numa guy from youtube

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