Cinema Access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Petition

Deaf culture doesn’t get much of a look-in here in Ireland but here’s a petition asking for “subtitles on cinema screens for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Ireland”.
The UGC on Parnell Square in Dublin has 2 subtitled showings a week so there’s obviously a market out there for it. If you are deaf, or know anyone who is, please sign this petition!
The Sunday Times ran an article on deaf culture a few weeks back which I meant to link to. Read it, it’ll surprise you!

Megan Alexander looks like any other cool 15-year-old girl… Without trying, she embodies the values of the self-styled deaf community, proud to be who she is, saying she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I have never wished that I can hear,” she says. “Why would I?”

One thought on “Cinema Access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Petition

  1. I live in the midwest area and despite a number of pleas to our local cinemas to produce subtitles they refuse to do so. Storm cinema “STATE OF ART CINEMA” the owner has told me it was and HE WILL NOT PROVIDE THEM so how could it be “A STATE OF ART CINEMA” the??????????

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