I saw a movie the other week. The plot was this; there was a comic book writer that was about to have a new release…but his agent couldn’t get him to focus on his new book. he was writing all new material and it was dark. It was about a hero that either was in battle with or fought this giant wolf-ish monster. turns out that there is a multiple homicide/serial killer investigation going on and someone points out to the law that the comic info matches that of the crimes. turns out the guy was having psychotic breaks wher he would go out and kill these people and in his mind it was like a dream. In the end, he killed all of the gang members of a gang that at the end of the movie, you find out raped and killed his fiance right after they got engaged.

WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS MOVIE??????? I have been trying to figure it out for two weeks and can’t find the answer. I can’t remember who was in it, or anything.