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The FPS Freek by Kontrol Freek is a small attachment for the Xbox 360 or PS3 controller that helps players aim more precisely in first person shooters or FPS games. There’s a Speed attachment too for racing games.

The FPS Freek snaps on to the top of the controller sticks so your thumbs have to physically move further to make the same in-game movement. This is supposed to help when you want to make small accurate movements, especially useful when aiming at a small distant figures in a shooter such as Modern Warfare 2. From the blurb on the product page,

The added analog stick length provides 40% more linear distance from full stop to stop. This gives you more leverage and increased precision without disturbing your natural gaming playing feel.

I’ve been using it for a week and while my gaming has improved a whole lot, it was improving any way because I was getting better with practice. I don’t think you’re going to see a dramatic improvement in your gaming by using the FPS Freek.
I tried increasing the sensitivity of the controller, thinking that the extra leverage of the thumbstick would help but it really didn’t, and I think it’s back at 3 in MW2 now. At that sensitivity I can aim fairly well. With a silenced Scar-H I was able to make a few kills at the other side of Highrise, but on the other hand, a distant crouched enemy-in-waiting in Estate shot me while I attempted to aim at him.

The FPS Freek is comfortable to use however. It probably has helped my gaming but it’s not the major leap you might think. Learning how to use a mouse and keyboard properly was better for my gaming than using this, but of course you can’t use a mouse and keyboard on the Xbox 360. All you PC gamers will know what I mean!

In the US it costs $10 but here in Ireland or over in the UK you have to buy it from Lime. I think it cost me the equivalent of US$29 including (for some reason) registered postage of about 7 Pounds Sterling. I had to sign for it when it was delivered. At that price it’s not great value for money, but at $10 it’s an impulse buy I could live with.

In theory the science is sound. The extra length of the stick will give you more travel and room to aim precisely but if you’re not a good gamer this won’t work miracles. If you panic when you’re confronted by an enemy on a map, you’ll still do that. If you don’t use a game’s maps to your advantage now, then buying this won’t magically make you immune to enemy fire. It may help you aim if you’re sniping. I’m still using the FPS Freek on my right thumbstick however, it’s comfortable.

Buy it only if you have $10 burning a hole in your PayPal account. Don’t buy it if you’re outside the US, it’s not worth it.

Just don’t expect miracles.

Just so you know I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, here’s a few glowing reviews:

Short video review of the FPS Freek

Impressive accuracy at custom sensitivity 7 in COD 4, but then this guy is hardly a newbie at the game!

16 thoughts on “Kontrol Freek FPS Freek review

  1. And to test my theory that it wasn’t the FPS Freek that helped my gameplay, I switched to the UMP (and soon unlocked rapid fire) and I really sucked again.

    Back to the Scar-H and I managed a game or two with a positive KDR. Even nabbed a few kills with a Spaz in close quarters.

    1. Hello there Donncha πŸ˜€ nice blog you got. It’s very hard to aim with rapidfire equiped on most smgs. try out the mp5k, it’s a beautiful weapon. Aiming down the sight without any attachments is a breeze. Remember,with smgs you need to get upclose and personal until you get used to how easy they are to move. Best perk combo is Marathon/Lightweight/Commando – mp5k with fmj for added power and the M93 fmj or silencer (super precise). If you want to be silent death exchange commando with ninja @ pro with silent foot steps, no one with a heart beat sensor will ever get the drops on you, very useful when playing hardcore mode. I really love the game, so many possibilities so many classes ahhh!

      1. Thanks for the advice Shimmy. I’ve since switched back to assault rifles. Leveled up the Scar-h quite a bit and just unlocked the heartbeat monitor on the m4. Doing reasonably well with a sensitivity of 3. Especially as I learn the maps more and figure out where people run.

        I still have the FPS Freek on my controller but I don’t think it helps all that much. Every time I try to increase the sensitivity I have trouble even hitting targets right in front of me.

  2. When has a 4.0 ever not been better than a 3.0? Actually, don’t answer that πŸ™‚ Tis a pity Microsoft are so anti mouse and keys though…. even if they released their own propriety version it would be something.

  3. You should try and get the heartbeat sensor for a gun, combine that with Sleight of Hand (the pro version lets you aim faster) cold blood & ninja. You’ll be invisible to most people, and have your own mini UAV all the time. Then its a matter of positioning your self so your in a position with a good view, but cover around you. If you can look at all the entrances to where ever you are on the map, you can have a fair idea as to where the enemy will have to appear from.

    Might be a good idea to play FFA so you get used to having no one to back you up so to speak.

    Thats how I try and play anyway lol I take it FPS Freak is for Xbox only πŸ™

    1. Darren – got the heartbeat sensor and silencer on my gun thanks to the bling perk, plus as you say, cold blood. Haven’t got ninja yet. I did get a few kills today when people just walked right past me but I got killed more often in some games. Some people have eyes in the backs of their heads!

  4. I suppose the best advice is the stick with what gun you like best, with what perks you like the best. And try and keep your back against a wall. Look where your team mates are at on the map too. So you know where the enemy can and can not come from πŸ˜› Hope my advice helps this time lol

    Happy new year too!

  5. if you ask me high sensitivty is great beacuse u can turn quicker if you been hit maerked but for more accuracy and camping less than 4 is good
    I experment a lot
    with sniper 9 or 8
    assult rifle and smgs 5,6,7,
    pistol I don’t know
    if you could see anything wrong with my opinon replay back
    my KD is 1.80 just if you want to know

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