Oooer, that NCT feeling!

I brought my car down to the Blarney NCT center this morning and checked in and joined a lot of other worried looking guys in the waiting room. The tension in the room was palpable as soon as I entered, and when vehicles were driven into the test garage half the room stood up and stared intensely through the windows. I read about discovering new earths in National Geographic.. when else am I going to get half an hour to do nothing but read? The disquiet and oppressive atmosphere was lightened considerably by a 3 year old girl and her parents – the parents were worried, but their daughter was oblivious reading her animal book and chatting to her mom!
Finally, just before 9am a man appeared at the waiting room door, said my name and I followed him out. With a smile he handed me my shiny new NCT certificate. Yay! No need to worry about that again until 2007!

4 thoughts on “Oooer, that NCT feeling!

  1. It costs the driver 49 Euro, about US$75 to get the test done. A private firm runs the tests, and in fact, they own some of the toll roads in the country too. They have their hands in all the money spinning rackets here…

    Isn’t there a similar scheme in the US except that any mechanic/garage can do the test and it’s therefore cheaper?

  2. In Italy the cost is 60/90 euro,the test is done by an engineer of the ACI (Italia club car), ACI has the monopoly and has for what he wants paid.

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