Using Image Calibration Techniques to Reduce Noise in Digital Images

This is interesting, especially after reading the TNG article on astronomy this morning where these ideas are used, it’s great to see it described in such detail! Basically, noise in digital cameras isn’t as random as may it may seem, and if you have a calibration image with that noise intact, you can subtract the noise from any photo.
This tutorial explains all that in more detail and could be very useful for cameras that take RAW images, but I verified that jpeg files can’t be manipulated so successfully unfortunately!

No JPEG image can have its noise reduced by the calibration steps described here – the data is too drastically altered by compression to allow dark or bias subtraction to work right.

2 thoughts on “Using Image Calibration Techniques to Reduce Noise in Digital Images

  1. I tried Neatimage in Wine in an attempt to get it working in Linux. It sort of works but as with every other Wine app I’ve tried it looks ugly and I didn’t take the time to learn it properly.

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