Describe the difference between Greece’s direct democracy and the Roman republic. Which form of
government does our country resemble; ancient Greece or Rome?

Who advised the two consuls?

7. Who made up Rome’s upper class? Who made up Rome’s lower class?

8. Who ruled Roman households?

9. Could women participate in government decisions? ___________________

11. Was it possible for a slave to become a Roman citizen?

12. The word “Punic” or Punicus was Roman for ________________________________________.
13. What caused the Punic Wars?

14. Who won the first Punic War? How was victory achieved?

15. Who led the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War?

16. The Carthaginian general believed that “_____________________” was the best form of defense.

17. Who led the Romans in the Second Punic War? ________________________________

18. What battle did he defeat the Carthaginian general? _____________________________

19. Describe his strategy:

20. Who won the third Punic War? 21. What happened?

22. Who was Spartacus? 23. Did Spartacus achieve his goal? Why?

24. Three men in power:

Controlled the area of :

What did he do for Rome in just 3 months?

How did he die?

Controlled the area of :

What happened in Egypt?

How did he die?

Controlled the area of :

What did Marcus Crassus do to every 10th soldier out of 480?

How did he die?

What lands did Rome conquer between 500 B.C. and 146 B.C.?

What caused conflicts between the rich and poor?

Describe Julius Caesar as ruler.