Question: how do you force clear the Smarty cache? I am unable to erase the strange mess of directories that have been created under wp-inst/wp-blogs/main/smartycache/ using any FTP program. I’m unable to uninstall or reinstall it due to the undeletable directories. Are the files being locked by some process?

Since I don’t have shell access to my hosting provider’s machine, just FTP, I have no way of fixing this properly now (I’m not an inexperienced Linux user, just a bit confused about what has happened here – I had a feeling it was a bad idea to try this on a machine I didn’t have shell access to).

Oh, my primary issue was that a change I made to the Options page (the URL stuff) had been reflected in the cached version of the index page, but when I changed it back, Smarty didn’t seem to know it needed to regenerate the page (if you change any of these parameters like the blog address/URI or blog title the Smarty cache should probably get cleared automatically). I did figure out if you edit the template itself, you force a refresh of the smarty cache, so that fixed my immediate problem with broken URLs.

It still doesn’t fix the problem that there are these strangely named, undeletable directories showing up in the smarty cache folders though.