WPMU Nightly Downloads

I finally got around to creating a release script so I can quickly bang out WPMU tarballs and zip files.
Releases won’t come every day but when I make major changes to the system I’ll upload a new version and announce it here.
Here’s the download page.
Note: I haven’t as yet tested this version. It was created in a completely different way to past releases so it may not work quite as planned!
2004-10-22 Changes:

  • Enclosures created by scanning blog posts.
  • Lots of WordPress Core changes.
  • Photoblog plugin displays links to posts where they exist.
  • More than one enclosure now handled.

9 thoughts on “WPMU Nightly Downloads

  1. Hello!
    Thx for your great work.
    I installed the script, but get this error message:
    You don’t have permission to access /wpmu/blogs/main/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    see here: http://www.kaffeemaschine.ws/wpmu/

    Any Idea??

    Thx so far


  2. I installed the nightly version of WPMU available above. It worked fine, but the error you saw above could be because “FollowSymlinks” isn’t on.
    Add “Options FollowSymLinks” to the directory setting of your virtual host. If you’re running Apache 1.3, you can probably uncomment the “Options +followsymlinks” line in wpmu/.htaccess to do the same. I don’t think it’ll work in Apache 2 however.

  3. I’ve installed this version and while it does look good, I’m confused. I guess this is in the works somewhere, or else I’ve just not found it; how do I go about letting the user create a new blog? Or, for that matter, how do I go about creating a new blog manually even?

  4. Question: how do you force clear the Smarty cache? I am unable to erase the strange mess of directories that have been created under wp-inst/wp-blogs/main/smartycache/ using any FTP program. I’m unable to uninstall or reinstall it due to the undeletable directories. Are the files being locked by some process?

    Since I don’t have shell access to my hosting provider’s machine, just FTP, I have no way of fixing this properly now (I’m not an inexperienced Linux user, just a bit confused about what has happened here – I had a feeling it was a bad idea to try this on a machine I didn’t have shell access to).

    Oh, my primary issue was that a change I made to the Options page (the URL stuff) had been reflected in the cached version of the index page, but when I changed it back, Smarty didn’t seem to know it needed to regenerate the page (if you change any of these parameters like the blog address/URI or blog title the Smarty cache should probably get cleared automatically). I did figure out if you edit the template itself, you force a refresh of the smarty cache, so that fixed my immediate problem with broken URLs.

    It still doesn’t fix the problem that there are these strangely named, undeletable directories showing up in the smarty cache folders though.

  5. Those directories are owned by the webserver so one way to remove them is by having a php script delete them. Possibly the simplest way (BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET THE DIRECTORY RIGHT!) is to run something like the following:
    exec( "rm -fr wp-inst/wp-blogs/main/smartycache" );

    Do the same for other directories, but beware, as with any delete function, if you get the directory wrong you could delete stuff you want to keep!
    I should document it, or link to it, but if you add ?clear=1 to the end of your site url it’ll clear the cache.

  6. Hi Thanks for offering WPMU. When I try to run the install I get the following messages. I have poked around but am not familiar enough to figure out the problem. Can you help?

    Warning: main(wp-includes/class-smarty.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/www/tagderry/youth/wpm/wp-inst/wpmu-settings.php on line 27

    Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘wp-includes/class-smarty.php’ (include_path=”) in /home2/www/tagderry/youth/wpm/wp-inst/wpmu-settings.php on line 27

  7. I haven’t edited the code. I didn’t move anything around. I left it as it was. Just uploaded, unzipped, and went to the folder I installed into. When I got to the install page I got the error Isn’t the code all ready to go as is?

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