WordPress Enclosures – embedded links

This is a small demo and announcement of changes to enclosures support in WordPress.
To help clear up the backend clutter I removed the “Enclosure” text field and enclosures are now created from files linked to in the post content. Files of type “video”, “image” and “audio” are enclosed by default.



(Audio from pro-american.. first hit for “george bush mp3”.. *shrug*)
The ACDC remix linked to above isn’t enclosed because the remote server returned “text/plain” so make sure your file server’s mime-types are set up properly!

2 thoughts on “WordPress Enclosures – embedded links

  1. The “feed for this Entry” doesn’t have any enclosures. Is this feature no longer existing or is your current feed implementation just not doing that anymore?

  2. That feed would only be a comment feed, and of course this post has long since moved off the main blog feed.

    TBH, I’m not sure what the enclosure code does these days because it’s moved on since I worked on it!

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