Running to catch up with the world's fittest man

I still haven’t read the couch to 5k plan I linked to over two years ago, but someone else did take turning 30 seriously: Dean Karnazes. At the age of 30 on a night out with the lads he decided to run 30 miles. He had no special training, but […]

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We’re Hoff and running

John Arlidge of The Sunday Times interviews David Hasselhoff. The Hoff is traveling around Europe to publicize his new single, “Jump In My Car”. Have you heard it yet? It was played off the radio by pleading texts from listeners and laughter from DJs. The interview makes for a great […]

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Sunday Times – stories and articles

From last week’s Sunday Times: Sig Hansen – fisherman and skipper on the Berring Sea, one of the deadliest jobs in the world. The pen is mightier – how a pen saved the astronauts of Apollo 11 on the Moon! Sin cities – Britains’s inner city streets are awash with […]

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Muslims in the Western World

Two articles from last week’s Sunday Times explore the differences between two Muslim communities – one in Britain and the other in the USA. Guess which one integrates better with their respective society?


Buying a car?

The Sunday Times offers advice on the deals being offered by the big brands, and runs through some of the tricks salesmen use to sell you that dream car!

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The Sunday Times – Online

Colm on #linux pointed at an article I had previously read in the Sunday Times which had reminded me of my own unfortunate troubles with the US immigration just over a year ago. That reminded me that I should look for the Sunday Times website which I did, and it […]

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